Friday, October 26, 2012

School, Dance, and Halloween This and That

Anthony's teacher called me Wednesday night. I was nervous. I thought she was going to tell me Anthony had told her, "We have no heat, no water, and we live out in the woods!" HAHAHA

She did not.

She called to explain a little bit more about a paper she had sent home. She then told me Anthony, "Is sweet and polite, very kind to his classmates, and listens very well."

Way to go Anth!! You might act completely different here at home, lol, but at least you're being the awesomely sweet kiddo I know you really are at the places and times where it's the most important!

Yesterday morning Molly went with her Preschool on a pumpkin patch field trip! I loaded Timothy up in the carry pack and Anthony got to come too since he didn't have school. All the kids had a good time picking out a little pumpkin.  When Mols and her class were done picking out their pumpkins, the kiddos lined up and sang a few songs. CUTE! I was glad to see Molly actually singing and enjoying it because Anthony was never a fan and only sang with his class a handful of times. 

Molly started ballet at dance class yesterday, as well as continued work with gymnastics. She wasn't a fan of the ballet shoes, but she seemed excited to try the ballet moves. I had the little camera on me, so I was able to take a few photos of her and even a couple videos. I especially love her attempt at a split and the look on her face!

Now that our pumpkin carving party is over, we can relax and enjoy the rest of the Halloween season with some upcoming fun Halloween activities! Tonight Anthony's school is showing the movie Madagascar 3. The kiddos are allowed to dress up in their costumes and there will be popcorn, candy, and drinks too! Doesn't that sound like fun? I think it's great the Primary school is doing this and I can't wait to take the kids!

Tomorrow is Trunk or Treat! Every year our town does a Trunk or Treat.....this is where a whole bunch of local businesses and cars park on main street and give out candy. This is especially nice for little kids as it's all up and down one road and it's blocked off to traffic. We always have a good time. After Trunk or Treating, we will be going to our friends Kurt and Tracie's house. They were going to have a Halloween party, but it's been canceled. However, we were still invited to come over and help eat up all the food purchased for the party and hang out for the night. The kids will be excited to go over in their costumes after Trunk or Treating and it will be nice for Sam and I to get out of the house for the night.

On Wednesday, actual Halloween, Molly's dance place is holding a party/haunted house. There will be tons of games and snacks for the little kiddos. It'll be great to go out and do this on Halloween seeing as we wont be going trick or treating. Afterwards, I'd like to come home and watch a scary movie with Sammy in bed while eating popcorn. FUN!

Ohhhhh how fun October is! Even Timothy is getting in the Halloween spirit! 

With love,
Mama Hauck 

P.S! 4 days of no water and lots of $$$$ later, our well is all fixed and our water is back on! Yay!

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