Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Shindig

Our party this past Sunday was tons of fun. The weather was gorgeous, we had a great turn out, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!

There was only one hitch....we had no water. Saturday night our well crapped out on us. I was pretty upset and stressed, but no one at the party seemed to care we had no water, they were just happy to be there. We put big jugs of water in the bathroom just in case someone had to use the potty, and our neighbor brought over a jug of water so people could wash their hands after carving their pumpkins. 

It's now Wednesday and we STILL don't have water. It's really annoying. The dishes from the party are stinking in the dishwasher and there's tons of laundry piling up. I had to poop at the preschool when I dropped Molly off and I've been making Anthony and Sam pee outside. Grrrr. At least our friends down the way have been gracious enough to let us come over and use their shower and give the kids a bath. HOPEFULLY our well will be fixed here in a few hours. It was suppose to be done Monday, but we found out the problem with our well was larger than we thought. Parts had to be ordered from Portland and last we heard, they were getting in today and the well guy was coming out this afternoon. I sure hope so. Molly has a pumpkin patch field trip with preschool tomorrow and I'd really like to shower in my own shower and look decent for that trip!!

And here's another funny for you. We also don't have heat. Over the summer, mice chewed through our insulation and got into our air ducts. You all know how much I LOATHE mice. We can't turn on our heat until we get the air ducts all cleaned out and everything patched up. A friend ordered all the stuff we need for that this past Monday, so HOPEFULLY that will be taken care of within a week or so. It's getting cold out. Sam had to bring home a few space heaters for us to use. Gosh. I'm just waiting for Anthony to go to school and be all, "We have no water, no heat, and we live out in the woods!" lol  

Anyway, back to the party. Here are the decorations....

Our bloody shower curtain was a big hit in the bathroom. I also placed a handful of rubber rats by the toilet and the sink and it spooked one of the little gals out. I have to admit, I laughed! Last week Molly and I had made our own poison bottle out of a cough medicine bottle. We also made some bloody candles with a paper towel roll, hot glue, red paint, and LED tea lights.

Everyone enjoyed the spider webs in the living room and thought the spider pumpkins were clever. Also on display were the paper plate ghosts we had made as well as the mummy jars and our monster door. I had the kiddo's party favors on the bench and they couldn't wait to pick out a monster rock! It was cute to watch them agonize over which rock they were going to pick, lol. Along with a monster rock, everyone got a Halloween pencil, eraser, activity book, tattoo, and piece of candy.

The kids really loved the juice boxes. They were gone within a half hour! I think the pee, blood, and pond water made them a bit uneasy, haha. Me made a punch with 7Up and pink lemonade and put our frozen hand ice in it. Those were simple to do, just fill up a medical glove, twist tie it closed, and stick it in the freezer! 

Food wise we made: 

Pumpkin dip - canned pumpkin, whip cream, vanilla pudding,cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice. We used vanilla wafers as our dippers. YUM!! Go HERE for the complete recipe and directions. I'm not a fan of anything pumpkin, but this was mighty tasty.

Dirt n' worms - Oreo cookies,  cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, milk, whip cream, chocolate pudding, and vanilla. Go HERE for the complete recipe and directions. It is DELICIOUS. Seriously.

Monster mash - popcorn, pretzel sticks, buguals, fruit snacks, and candy corn.

Mummy dogs - hot dogs wrapped in stretched out crescent roll dough. These were the first to go. Good thing we made so many.

Used q-tips - pretzel sticks, mini marshmallows, and melted butterscotch chips. These looked disgusting but were sooooo tasty! The kids devoured them.

Used band-aids - gram crackers, vanilla frosting, and strawberry jam. Bloody scabs, anyone??

We (ok...Sam) made a whole big crock pot full of spaghetti.

Our friend Tracie also made deviled eggs with olives on top that looked like spiders, as well as nutter butter ghost cookies! She's so awesome. 

I think the kids and parents alike got a kick out of all our snacks and decorations. We heard compliments all afternoon on how great everything was. Definitely made my day and made me less grumpy about having no water!

On to the pumpkin carving! It was quite funny to watch....it wasn't the kids carving the pumpkins, it was the parents! Haha! All the kiddos were much too busy running around having a grand 'ol time to be bothered sitting still, getting their hands all yucky with a pumpkin! All the parents had to keep calling their kiddos over and make them participate with the carving. I managed to get a photo of the majority of the kids doing their pumpkin thing though. Everyone had such a good time. The kids were playing and running around, the adults were chatting and having a few drinks, the weather was nice, and no one had to poop! Haha

I don't have many photos to share of the actual party. Boo. It was hard to mingle, keep the snacks and drinks stocked, take care of Timothy AND take photos. So I went around two times and took a few photos, then put the camera down so I could just enjoy the moment. I don't even have a photo of Timothy dressed in his chili-pepper costume! Sam took one of me in my 80's workout gal get up, but I'm all tired and haggard looking 'cause it's at the end of the night, lol. Ahhh well. We still get to dress up again for trunk or treating! I'll take some good photos then. 

Another fun, successful party! It always warms my heart to see Anthony and Molly having such a good time with their friends. They waited (not so) patiently the whole day and were so excited when people started to show up. It's fun to be able to open up our home to all of our friends, old and new, and just have everyone take a load off and enjoy themselves! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

P.S. As grumpy as our no water and no heat situation is making me, I do have to smile because yesterday morning my wonderful friend finally (she was 3 days over her due date!) welcomed her son in to the World! She and her husband named him Landon and he is ohhhhhh so handsome and simply perfect. I'm bursting at the seems with happiness for their now family of four! See, even when a day seems crappy, there is always a ray of sunshine somewhere!! Welcome to the World, Landon!


  1. WOW,it looks like a blast! It's times like these where I wish so much I lived next door :(. I'm missing all the fun times and memories. It seems like just yesterday you and I were trick or treating together!! I'm getting all nostalgic now lol.
    Your snacks are amazing, seriously so creative! I made triscuit pizzas for the church snack last week and people were amazed... and it's the easiest thing to do!
    I love your shower curtain and the monster doors especially :). <3

  2. Oh my - no water? No heat? You are amazing to survive it...although I know we've been there and you really have no choice! Amazing views in your yard - great party! xo


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