Monday, October 1, 2012

Aahhh, Fall.

How I love thee! 

You give us the month of October, the beautiful changing leaves, caramel apples, a reason to wear sweatshirts, and HALLOWEEN! ;)

We've had our decorations up for a week and a half already.....because we simply couldn't wait till today, haha. We continue to add to our decorations every day and even get a little crafty. 

This is just one of the latest Halloween projects we have already done. 

We're going to be having a pumpkin carving gathering on the 21st and I'm really stoked. We've got a pumpkin patch adventure planned with out friends Kurt and Tracie to buy our pumpkins and gourds. AHH! Love pumpkin patches!!! We'll be going to a super fun place on their recommendation and everyone is excited. From what I've been told it's a really awesome place with lots of kid friendly activities. I already have pumpkin carving ideas buzzing around in my head! 

Our party invites are out and I'm hoping for a good turn out. We always put on a good Halloween party (like this one.....HERE ) and our guests have always seemed to have a great time! The menu plan is in the works and the lists....oh my....the lists to keep all this Halloween goodness organized are mounting.

Other exciting things to happen this month....

*School photos for Anthony and Molly. 
*Molly's school trip to a small local pumpkin patch.
*Our little friend McKenna's princess themed birthday party at the pizza place!
*The arrival of my friend's baby boy. We had her baby shower yesterday and it was a blast!
*More Saturday soccer games for Anthony.....the undefeated Speedsters, 4 for 4! WHOOP!
*Fall family photos.
*Trick or Treating!! 

October is awesome.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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