Friday, September 14, 2012

It Was Like That Forest Fire Scene From Bambi

Oh my....

This week.....

There are no words to describe this week. Wait. Yes there is....


Sammy left Monday morning to go to Denver, CO for the week. He gets home at 1 in the morning tomorrow (just in time for a few hours sleep then up for Anthony's second soccer game!). That means I've been flying solo this week....every day....ALL day....no breaks.....breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, kindergarten, preschool, soccer, dance, dogs, cats, horse, bunny, 3 kids, MYSELF, baths, bed, driving...OH THE DRIVING!!!.....and I am drop dead tired.

Did you know there was a bird in my car? Well, there was. On Wednesday. And I must have looked like a weirdo at the bus stop opening up all the doors with it being 50* out to try and get it out! Of course the kiddos thought it was hilarious. (I guess it kinda was).

I forgot to feed my horse two times. Sammy usually does it, but since he's gone, I've got to work it into the hectic mornings and evenings. So here I am running out to the barn with a flashlight at 9 at night to feed him so he doesn't hate me in the morning. Do you know how spooky that is? What was that!? Ohh...just the cat. What was that noise!? There it is again! Oh dang it I just stepped in horse poop with my flip flops on and the coyotes are after me!!

I think my dogs rolled in death because they STINK. 

I almost hit a baby deer this morning. Not like I haven't done that before though. It was like that forest fire scene in Bambi this morning, I swear! Deer all running through the fields and the dirt road, turkeys crossing in front of me, little quail running alongside the car, bunnies darting here and there. I literally looked around wondering where the fire was.

Timothy has been sleeping really awful this week; which translates to Mama sleeping really awful this week. It's really bad timing as I'm still trying to cope with our new school schedule that is pretty wonky....Anthony doing school every other day so it is different every week and Mols preschool Tuesdays and Thursdays and there is a different time I need to get up for each day depending on if it's just Anth going to school, just Molly going to school, or both of them going to school and I don't have to shower before taking Anthony to the bus stop but I do before driving Molly into school and then there's the baby to feed before getting everyone loaded in the car and he usually poops right as I'm walking out the door and I tell him I hope it isn't hot and steamy because he's gonna have to sit in it for like 15 minutes and then all the breakfasts to make that no one is ever happy with and don't forget the lunchbox with this juice box, not that juice box and all the animals to not forget to feed, I mean how could you forget the horse he's standing their neighing at you and there's the bus stop 3 miles away to get to and this one is thirsty and that one has to poop and didn't I tell you to go potty before we left the house because the bus stop is so far from home and there's no way you're dropping pants and pooping right here, that's only something we do in our yard and...and....and....and the fucking bird in the car.

Longest run on sentence ever, sorry.

The funny thing is, Sam being gone has nothing to do with all that craziness. He'd typically be at work for all that anyway. It's the flying solo without any help or a break for the after school and evening craziness that just takes the cake. You don't want to read that run on sentence, trust me.

Maybe I'm not cut out to be a school-aged kid's Mama? You know, now that I think about it, my life this week has pretty much been the equivalent to that forest fire scene in Bambi. Kids and animals (and myself) running crazy every which way I look.

Words of wisdom, anyone? I'm all ears.

Tomorrow is Saturday. Lets rejoice.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Wow! That was hectic! Kuddos to you mama for making it through the week:)
    I put my old blog on private for for the time being. Hey, I didn't realize this but my Sophia has the same B-day as your son! June 27!
    I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend! Your family is beautiful!

  2. Wow, super hectic! I hope you spent the weekend relaxing in your jammies because you definitely earned it!

  3. Oh how cool! It's a good day for a b-day! :) And Thank you!!

    Saturday was busy, but I did stay in my pj's all day Sunday! Sweet relaxation!


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