Monday, September 17, 2012

Dance a Little Dance

Molly had her first dance class last Thursday! As expected, she was SUPER shy, lol, and didn't participate too much. But you know, I get that....I'd be shy too. Plus, get a whole bunch of little gals in a room with tap shoes on and it is LOUD! Mols wasn't a fan. She did, however, like the gymnastics part of the class. She was still shy, but much more happy to follow along. Of course, that's when my little point and shoot camera's battery crapped out so I didn't get any photos of her with a smile on her face! Boo. I only got a few photos of a shy Mols struggling to participate. And Timothy was being a little wiggle worm on my lap, so even those photos aren't that great. Ahh well, that's ok. 

When we got home she was all about it and wouldn't stop talking about being at dance class (I knew she was liking it....even if she looked like she wasn't!). It's just hard for a 3 year old to open up in a new situation with people she doesn't know. I think she'll be more open next time. 


My sweet, sweet little Mols.....

How my love grows for you every day. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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