Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Week in Bullet Points

I always feel like I have so much to tell ya'll, but no time anymore to spit it all out! 

*My mom drove out on Saturday from CA for a visit. She'll be here a week and a half or so. This summer has been a busy one for us with family visiting us and us going to visit family! It's been really nice for everyone to be able to meet Timothy while he's a little wee one.

*Sunday we met up with out sweet friends Kurt and Tracie at Mary Hill Park down by the Columbia River and had a delicious picnic! We made chicken and pineapple shishkabobs and had tons of other snacks like frozen grapes (did you know they taste AWESOME when put in the freezer!?) and watermelon soaked in tequila. YUM! After our picnic we walked down to the little water area and let the kiddos splash around. We all had such a fantastic time, despite it being 100* out!

*Timothy has been laughing out loud for a week now. Last Monday he laughed for the very first time and he has every day since then. It's the cutest thing I have ever heard! I'm going to try to get a video so I can post it sometime in the future. And he smiles like they're going out of style. If a smile could cure Cancer.....I'd have a line outside my door a million miles long! 

*Today I'm making crock pot applesauce. I hope it turns out well! I love homemade applesauce. I'm also going to make cute little "muffin tin pizzas" for the kids for dinner. Hopefully that turns out well too! 

*Remember I said I signed Anthony up to do soccer this fall? Well he has his VERY FIRST soccer meet tonight at 6! AHHH!! He's excited and so am I! Does that make me a Soccer Mama now?

*Here's a funny story for you.....This morning Anthony came into the bedroom at 7 and woke me up, telling me it was time for breakfast. I told him to give me a few minutes and I'd be up. Well a few minutes turned into 30 and then this is the conversation that followed when he came back in the bedroom:

Anthony - "I was waiting for you on the couch this whole time."
Mama - "I know it, I'm sorry, but I'm really tired so I slept longer."
Anthony - "But if I don't eat breakfast, I wont be healthy!"
Mama - "Haha! Is that right? Sorry Anth, you can give me a few more minutes. I'm tired. I go to bed after you and I also get up in the middle of the night to feed the baby."
Anthony - "Oh! I know what we can do. We can make something, like a machine. And you can make milk to put in it. How do you make milk?"
Mama - "Mama's body makes the milk for Timothy."
Anthony - "Oh yeah. But we can make some milk, like with some ingredients, and then put the milk in the hang up thing and it will go down a tube into his mouth and feed him so you don't have to wake up in the night to feed him." 

My oh my! What a little engineer he is! He is so funny to talk to. He's always coming up with these ideas and gets so excited over them. Just the other day he goes, "Mama, maybe we can go to the store and just get an engine and some wings. Then I can get paper, scissors, and crayons and we can make this airplane and helicopter!" Hehehe! What a cutie.

*Tomorrow we'll be doing story time at the library. We haven't gone in a year because our schedule got busy and the times just didn't work out. So the kiddos are excited to go tomorrow and then afterwards I get to have some hang out time with my gal pal Molly at her place. If you'd recall, she's pregnant with a little boy who is due in October. I've made her lots of little goodies and I'm excited to surprise her with them tomorrow! I promise to do a blog post to show you what I've made.  I still need to do a post about our trip to the coast and also one about all the little projects we've been doing recently. Maybe next week.

*Thursday, when Sammy gets off work, we're heading to his Godmother's place over by Seattle roundabouts. We'll spend a few days there and come home Sunday late afternoon. We go there every few months or so. Summer is always the most fun because the pool is open and the kids love going in the pool. We're excited! My mom will be watching the animals for us while we're gone, so that's pretty cool!! It's sure to be a fun weekend.

*Oh! And just so I have a picture of Molly thrown in here.....

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. I love the inventions, Calvin is always coming up with stuff like that too, lol
    I missed soccer registration by about a week so we're going to have to wait til next year. Kinda bummed about that but we're going to try for tball in the spring!


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