Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ahhh, The Coast. How I Love Thee.

The family and I took a trip to the Oregon coast the last weekend of July (why am I just now getting around to this post? Because life has been hectic recently and there's no slowing down in sight! I feel like it takes me a year to do one blog post now a days!). We headed to Garibaldi, a little town by Tillamook, where our friend Tim and his family have a beach house. We've been there multiple times before, and this was our second time going for their annual family crab boil. Isn't it nice that another family invites you to participate in one of their special traditions?

We had a ton of fun, despite me being sick...and Timothy....and Molly. *sigh* I was sick during last years too. At least I didn't come home with bronchitis this time! We got there Thursday evening and jumped right into enjoying ourselves with a hot dog dinner capped off with some smores.

Friday morning Sam, Tim, and Tim's dad Mike took Anthony and they all went crabbing. It was Anthony's very first time and I heard he had a blast!

Afterwards, the family and I went down town to walk around and look at all the little booths people had set up. The last weekend in July is Garibaldi Days and the town was packed with people. Molly got herself a little "tattoo" and we got some yummy kettle corn. We then headed to the beach we LOVE to go to each time we head out that way. I don't really know the correct name, but I just call it Tillamook beach. We had such a grand time! Anthony and Molly played in the sand and ran around in the water, getting their pants soaked. Sam carried Timothy in the carry pack so I could take photos. Next time he'll be big enough to enjoy the beach too. I'm excited for that day to come. I love watching my babies run around enjoying the beauty that I love so much.

After the beach we headed back to the beach house where Tim's family was starting to filter in. We relaxed the rest of the night around the camp fire, eating hamburgers and chatting. I hit the hay early with Timothy so the two of us would hopefully feel a little better for Saturday, the crab boil!

Saturday morning Anthony went crabbing with Sam again. Mols, Timothy, and I stayed behind and enjoyed a nice breakfast of blueberry pancakes courtesy of Tim's mom, Christy. When the boys got back, we walked down town where Garibaldi Days was still being celebrated to watch a parade! It was awesome! Molly had a HUGE candy stash....I swear the people were throwing it right at her cause she's just so darn cute. :)

After the parade we headed to Tillamook to go to a few stores. I wanted a coffee, Anthony needed a new sweatshirt, and there was a petting zoo we wanted to take the kids to. By the time we finished all that I was soooooooooooo tired. I actually felt worse Saturday than I had Thursday or Friday. Boo. We picked up some medicine and I was able to take a two hour nap while Sam watched the kids back at the beach house.

I woke up feeling much better. Not cured, but better none the less. We decided to continue on with our plans to meet up with one of Tim's aunt's, Amber, and her husband and daughter and go to a different beach. Anthony and Molly had a great time playing with sweet Olivia and I enjoyed talking to Amber, an amateur photographer like myself!

After the beach it was officially crab boil time! All of the Evan's family had made it to the beach house along with a few of Tim's personal friends, one being my gal pal Mariah and her family. Nice!! We got the kids all set up with some food and then everyone sat around the fire and enjoyed a feast of crab, corn, potatoes, chips, and salad. Oh it was tasty!! Everyone had a great time eating, chumming it up and having a few drinks. The kids were running around having a good time and life just felt grand! Soon it was dark and the Garibaldi Days fireworks were starting! Such a great way to end a fun day. And did I mention that Sam had Timothy in the carry pack for like 4 hours so I could enjoy myself talking with all the gals sans baby? Well he did. And it was great. Like the night before though, I took Timothy and we hit the hay early. Being sick just made me exhausted.

Sunday we weren't in any rush to leave. We took our time packing things up, eating breakfast, and saying bye. I spent some time with another of Tim's Aunts, Kathleen, and let her get in some Timothy snuggle time before leaving.

Another great time at the Evans' beach house! THANKS!!

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Sounds like a good visit overall, sucks that you Timothy and Molly were sick. I love the coast, I could quite happily live there!

  2. Yes, we had a great time! If I'm to ever go crazy and run away....it'll be to the coast. ;)


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