Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Adventure!

Today when Sammy gets off work we are leaving to go to the Oregon Coast. Garibaldi, OR to be exact. Over by Tillamook....you know, where Tillamook cheese is made. ;)  We are lucky enough to have a friend who graciously invites us to his family's beach house to spend time there. I went a few times last year.

Once Sammy and I went with the kids. That was in March.

Once just myself and a few other friends went. That was in April. Sam was in TX for a work thing and my mom had the kiddos.

And then the big event last July, the crab boil during Garibaldi Days! 

It is sooooo incredibly beautiful out that way. I LOVE going to the beaches (the one pictured above in particular) and watching the waves while digging my toes in the soft sand.  We're all super excited to go again for the Evan's family crab boil and very thankful they have extended the invitation to us again this year even though we aren't part of the Evan's family unit!

My only concern is Timothy is now not feeling well. Last night I noticed him getting a little warm and restless. He slept worth crap last night....which means I slept worth crap last night (why else would I be up at 6 in the morning!?)....because his nose is a little stuffed and he kept startling awake. I hope he can lick this by tonight because a sick little wee one is THE WORST. And I'd like to sleep.

Next week I hope to finish catching this blog up to date with a post all about my dad's visit, our MT and MN trip, as well as a post about this trip to the coast. Make sure to read my latest posts on the kiddo's b-days and our most recent medical info if you want to be brought up to speed.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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