Friday, June 1, 2012

Feed, Burp, Change, Love, Repeat.

Sleep is a luxury around here now a days. If I'm not feeding Timothy, I'm burping him. Or changing him. Or just holding him and staring at his cute face. Or I'm working on photos and his baby book. Or doing laundry and other house chores. Maybe I'll even squeeze a shower in there somewhere. Oh but wait! It's time to feed Timothy again! lol My baby routine is stuck on repeat.

I'm TIRED!! 

Things have been pretty honky dory in the Hauck home though. Anthony and Molly have been gone for a week now with my Mother visiting other family, so it's just been Sam, Timothy, and myself at home. I miss the kids, but they're off having a good time and I'm enjoying the quiet at home. Timothy is a cutie pie and I think he equally enjoys the quiet time at home with just his Mama during the day. :) 

Yesterday Sam got off work early and we took Timothy to his follow up appointment with the pediatrician. Two weeks ago at 6 days old he weighed 6lbs 10oz. As of yesterday at 20 days old he's 8lbs! Holy moly that's crazy! I thought some of his outfits were already getting a little tight! I guess all that breastfeeding is paying off. ;) 

Speaking of breastfeeding, I'm really stoked to be able to do so this time around! Anthony was born three weeks early and was never able to latch on, though I desperately tried. So I pumped for him until things dried up....pretty much feeling like a first time Mama failure. Molly was able to latch on, but did so incorrectly and I was never able to get her to do it right. I wound up developing horrible, horrible bleeding sores and stopped after about a week and a half. I wish I would have stuck it out with her, but the pain was intolerable. Like I did with Anthony, I pumped for Mols until things dried up. Because of my failed attempts with the two other kiddos, I was really hell bent on breastfeeding Timothy. I really wanted that experience and all throughout my pregnancy, I prepared myself as best I could by reading books on breastfeeding and talking to other Mama's and my Midwife.

I won't lie, it's been difficult and really, REALLY, trying at times. It's hard being the only one that can feed him, especially at night when it would be awesome to have Sam do a feeding instead of me so I can sleep more than 2 hours at a time. I got sores this time around too, but I continued on and just dealt with the pain and now all is well with that. I've already gotten a few dirty looks when I've had to feed Timothy out in public and that's made me feel uncomfortable. But ultimately everyone that has a problem with me feeding my son when he is hungry can just shove it. Don't like it? Don't look. Despite the hardships that come with breastfeeding, I'm 3 weeks out and things are going well! I know 3 weeks isn't a long time, but it's a big deal to me and I'm quite proud of myself for sticking it out. I've been lucky to have a few people lend me much support in my breastfeeding endeavor. My Mother, Midwife, and friend Molly have been really supportive and helpful! THANKS!!

Anyway, a few photos for you just because a post without photos isn't as fun. :) 

(The wind was blowing crazy in that last photo....lol, hence the lion's mane on me!)

Oh! And I wanted to post a photo of a gift one of my blogger friends sent me! Barry from life-in-quotations sent this super sweet basket filled with goodies for Timothy and I! I love when surprises show up in the mail! Thanks so much, Barry!!

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Knowing how much it means to you to be able to nurse this time around, makes the ignorant reactions you get insignificant. What is it with people anyway, what's more natural than a mother feeding her baby? Just wanna smack people sometimes, seriously.

    I remember once Sandy had a friend over with her newborn. We were sitting in the living room, and in the middle of conversation she very nonchalantly unfastened herself and began breastfeeding. It wasn't a big deal, we didn't skip a beat in our conversation. I could feel the bond between them just radiating, it was a beautiful moment that's stayed with me all these years.

    I'm sure you've considered this but is it possible to pump so Sam can feed him? Just curious since I have no experience with babies.

    You made my day with those last photos, thanks!! I hope the stuff comes in handy not only for Timothy but for you as well. :)

  2. I am feeling the repetition of having a baby too. I enjoy every second but it can be a little trying at times. Also, yay for breastfeeding this time! I wasn't able to BF Caiden for very long and am determined to do it for as long as possible this time with M. Keep up the good work Mama!

  3. Are you sure you had a baby?! You look amazing!!!! You must be tired all the time now w/ 3 kiddos. Sorry my blogging stinks recently, I wanted to do a bigger post about you! I haven't had internet at my apt for 2 weeks, they're coming tonight supposedly. So I've only been able to go online at work. LOVE YOU !!

  4. Breastfeeding was, by far, the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I had oversupply, and Josephine took FOREVER to latch correctly, and it took SIX MONTHS to get to the point where I wasn't clenching my teeth or crying every time I did it. Part of me is obviously glad I stuck it out, because after the 6-month mark it was all of a sudden a breeze, but sometimes I wish I had done the "smart" thing and been a happier mom giving that kid a bottle! Anyway, just trying to say, it's harder than most people imagine, and not being able to do it in exactly the way you imagined will NEVER make you a failure of a mom. NEVER.


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