Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bedroom Revamped

I've been wanting to change up our bedroom for a while now, but didn't know exactly how. I knew I wanted it to feel lighter and perhaps beachy (I love all things beach!), but was unsure of where to start. Finally, with some inspiration from Pinterest (people really DO implement ideas from there!) and some help from a wood weathering and staining tutorial, Sammy and I were able to create a beautiful headboard and light atmosphere in one weekend!

It all started with this photo on Pinterest....

Last Saturday I spent the morning going through things and de-cluttering. Then we (ok...Sam, not me) spent the morning painting our bedroom blue. We had lots of paint left over from doing Molly's room so that's what we used. Anthony did the paint people....I don't know why I've got that big belly, I'm not pregnant anymore! LOL! 

Fathers Day morning we headed to the hardware store and picked up a whole bunch of wood, some ebony wood stain, and a little thing of white paint. 

And so began the work on our new headboard! ;) 

We layed out the wood how we wanted it. Sammy turned it all over, took small pieces of wood, and screwed the whole thing together. 

We then proceeded to beat the snot out of it. Doing so would go a long way in helping us create the "weathered" look. We let the kids join in on the fun too. Hammers, screwdrivers, chains, chisels...we used it all. Super fun. :)

When we were done banging on it, the end result looked like this:

Sam then wiped on the ebony stain and I followed right behind him wiping off the excess. The stain did a fantastic job of bringing out the wood grain and all the dings and scratches we put in it.

We let the ebony stain dry for about 20 minutes then got our white wash ready. All we did was mix the white paint and some water together, testing the mixture on a piece of ebony stained scrap wood until we got it to the consistency we wanted. Then again Sam wiped it on and I followed behind him wiping up the excess.

After letting it dry, Sam cut a hole where our outlet would be and then we hung it on the wall! I LOVE IT!! It turned out better than I had hoped and is exactly like I pictured.

I'm also thinking of writing a little quote on it like in the inspiration photo. Either "In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you" or "When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew." What do you think?? I just need to figure out what to use to write it on the wood.

Our bedroom makeover isn't finished just yet, but we're close. We want to get small white bedside tables and I'd love to eventually get some nice white bedding. I've currently got white curtains on their way to me in the mail and I'm super excited to get those hung.  I've also got a few odds and ends to do like finish printing off some photos for the photo collage on the wall and maybe acquire some more beachy decorations.

All in all I'm loving it! Not bad for a weekend project, ehh?

With love,
Mama Hauck