Saturday, May 19, 2012

Timothy's First Pediatrician Appointment

Timothy had his first pediatrician appointment Thursday. It went very well. I would have put off seeing the pediatrician, but since we didn't do a hospital birth (and hence she didn't get to meet and exam him within his first few days of life), she wanted to see him before he turned 10 days old to do a check up and get him in the system. We'll also go back in 2 weeks for a follow up. 

He had a gunky eye that needed attention. I got an eye ointment that will clear that up. Molly had the same thing when she was a week old, so it's no biggie. His cord was also a little yucky. We never had issues with Anthony or Molly's cord, so I kinda freaked a bit. But the pediatrician said it's not uncommon for it to not do such a good job drying out on it's own (or with the help of alcohol swabs from Mama). She just took some stuff on a long q-tip and touched it to the area and it dried up well after that and fell off that night. Thank goodness...it was getting gross! 

He was a little champ through his check up and only cried when I stripped him naked to do his physical exam. He peed on the table and that made everyone laugh, haha. Anthony and Molly were really well behaved and watched to make sure Timothy wasn't being hurt. :)

At birth (Friday the 11th) he was 6lbs 8oz. On Monday the 14th, when my Midwife came back for an exam, he weighed 6lbs 5oz. It is very common for newborns to loose a fair amount of weight in the beginning, but my Midwife was really impressed to see he had only lost 3oz! And then at the pediatricians just a few days later he weighed in at 6lbs 10.5 oz! Holy moly what a good little boy! We're pretty impressed with his fantastic weight gain and overall health. When we layed him on his belly, he lifted his head and looked all around. He also has extremely strong little legs and will press against your chest when holding him to the point where he is standing, lol. My strong little cutie pie. ;)

Now my only concern is the dimple on his backside right above his bum. It's called a sacral dimple and from what I've read affects about 2% of babies. Because I'm his Mama, it worries me....it could be a sign of spina-bifida-occulta, the least sever form of spina bifida (and typically nothing to be concerned about as it is). The chances of it being that or of any other real concern are really minimal. Other than the dimple above his bum, Timothy shows no other signs. To be certain though, we will be scheduling an ultrasound to be done at the hospital in Portland, OR within the next couple of weeks. *sigh* That wont be fun.

After the check up I had to head over to the hospital to get Timothy's hearing test done. Normally that would have been done in hospital before release, but since we did a home birth, I have to set all this stuff up on my own. The hearing test also went well, it just made for a super long day having that done right after his check up. So much paper work for each place to get him in the system, ugh!

Ok! Here are his 1 week stats:

Weight: 6lbs 10.5 oz
Length: 19"
Head Circumference: 13.5"
Temp: 98.0
Pulse: 115
Respirations (per minute): 41

With love,
Mama Hauck

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