Friday, April 27, 2012

Anthony's Kindergarten Tour

Wednesday at 4:30 we had a gathering/tour of the Primary School Anthony will be going to this September when he starts Kindergarten. It was a nice gathering, but other than taking a tour of the place and playing some games, we didn't get any actual information on Kindergarten.  Apparently we will be getting a packet full of all the info we will need to know come August time. Anthony and Molly had a great time. Anthony was excited to walk around the school with his other friends and Molly just tagged right along, it was super cute. We have his actual Kindergarten registration next Tuesday at 11. So on Tuesday he will be officially enrolled in Kindergarten and good to go!

I almost throw up each time I say that word. Kindergarten. UGH. I can't even begin to express my stress level when I think of Molly starting Preschool, Anthony starting Kindergarten, weird school times that I don't agree with (Anth will be in school ALL day. BOO!!), driving back and forth, the bus stop being 3 miles from my house, Anthony crying whenever I mention the bus, having a new little one to drag with me through all of this, not having any of the info I want NOW (I'm a planner, so this irks me), etc. etc. 


I try not to think about it all right now lest I have a panic attack. It was hard enough sending Anthony off to Preschool. Probably harder on me than on him. My anxiety over this new upcoming adventure has my blood pressure skyrocketing each time I even hear the word Kindergarten. LOL I'll have my hands full come fall time that's for sure.

Lets just agree to not discuss this again until the time gets closer.  K? Thanks.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Wow, you are in for some trying times but I'm glad you're being realistic about it. And really, juggling a hectic schedule is nothing new for you right?

    I remember some of my time in k_____ (that word that won't be mentioned right now). I really enjoyed it, especially the creative projects we got to do.

  2. Yeah...this fall will definitely be a trying time. I'm not really looking forward to it, but know everything will work out and pretty soon it will just be the normal routine for us! Molly is really excited about preschool and Anthony about Kindergarten, so that helps to have them excited.


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