Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mama Time

Yesterday Sam was kind enough to get off work a bit early so I could make it to a 5:30 hair appointment. I was really looking forward to this time to myself! I got my blond highlights freshened up, red highlights put in, and a little trim all around. I mentioned how I was having my hair done in preparation for maternity photos (hopefully soon!!) and was thinking about purchasing a curling iron to experiment with different hair styles. The hair dresser was nice enough to show me how to curl my hair and then got me hooked up with a top of the line curling iron for a really decent price. It was fun to see myself with a different hair do and it seemed easy enough. But I'm soooo incredibly unskilled with hair (Sam has to put Molly's hair in a pony tail because I simply can't....FAIL!) I'm not sure I can recreate the look even with the right tools, lol. We'll see. 

Today we had a play date! We went to my friend Molly's house for lunch and hang out time. The kids like playing with Molly's daughter Joss and they all had a good time until it was time to leave. Anthony was super sad, poor boy. Since next week is spring break, I hope to take the kids to the library on Wednesday for the story time gathering I use to take the kids too all the time and hang out with Molly and Joss again. 

Oh! And if you look close in my photos, you can see we changed the color of the leaves on Molly's tree. I'll have to take a photo of it so you can see. I like the colors so much better than before as it lightens up the room. 

With love,
Mama Hauck