Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our 1st Little Leprechaun

Yesterday was simply fantastic. Anthony had his preschool St. Patty's Day parade down Main Street in town and all the kids....I mean Leprechauns....were just adorable! I may be biased, but my little man is just the most handsome little Leprechaun there is! 

We dropped him off at school at 9, then ran to get some coffee before heading to Main Street to wait for the kids. It was super fun watching them all parade down the road and get huge grins on their faces when they saw all the Mamas, Papas, and friends waiting for them! 

The kids sang a few sweet songs for us (Anthony ACTUALLY sang! Hooray!) before we were allowed to walk with them the rest of the way down Main Street and loop back towards the school. I held Anthony and Molly's hand and proudly marched with my cuties down the road.

After the parade we drove around town, got Molly a french fry, then went to the park to play for a while to kill time before picking Anth back up from school. Sweet little Mols enjoyed her one on one time with myself, Papa, and Uncle Nick.

After picking Anthony up from school we all went to the pizza place and enjoyed a delicious pizza, salad, fruit, pie, and bread stick lunch buffet. Once we got home we changed into our dirty clothes and spent the remainder of the day outside, which turned out to be GORGEOUS even though the weather man said it would rain. WIN! We set our trampoline back up and watched the kids jump around, got a ton of hay and stocked the tack room, and brushed and rode Nik before ending the night with a ham sandwich and Transformers 3. LOL, that's some great random fun right there!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Wow what an eventful day! Looks like everyone had a good time. The weather here has been really good overall and we're hoping that's the end of the (s-n-o-w).


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