Monday, February 6, 2012

Just a Few Cute Pics

I whipped out my paints and the kiddo's painting smocks/tanks last week so we could have some painting fun! The kids each did a painting to hang on our fridge and then each of the Grandparents got their hand prints in paint for Valentines Day. Molly thought it was hilarious that I was painting her hand, lol. Who doesn't like to get a little paint on them? Anthony did a fantastic job painting. It's always a wonder to see just how much being in preschool has allowed him to blossom.

Anthony got this wooden block castle set from his aunt and uncle for Christmas. I love watching him play it because he is so meticulous! I've never seen a 4 1/2 year old actually look at the diagram and directions! LOL He's such a little smarty pants and I'm always impressed with his patience and concentration when building with his blocks. :)

Sweet little Mols was looking soooo cute and soooo excited (so excited in fact, she was jumping around!) to go outside the other day, I had to snap a few photos of her before I put her coat on. She's incredibly adorable with her hat on with those little pom poms at the end.

Anthony is Line Leader and "Snack Boy" at school today. This means we had to go to the store and figure out a good snack and drink for 21 hungry school kids. Last time he was it, I made individual sugar free jello cups with a gummy worm on top (in the spirit of Halloween!).....check them out HERE. This time I was going to do some sort of Valentine chex/trail mix, but decided I'm going to save that for his special Valentines to hand out next Monday at their Valentine party. So instead I did individual baby carrot and ranch dip cups. Anthony wasn't too happy about that. He made sure to tell me (multiple times) that he "doesn't like carrots" and he's "going to tell his teacher that he didn't want carrots for a snack." HAHA Poor boy, I thought it was a nice idea. Everyone else brings some sort of crackers, so I try to mix it up a bit when it's our turn to provide the snack!

Friday evening we headed over to my gal pal Molly's house for dinner with her and her family. It was on short notice, so it actually made it extra fun! I hadn't seen her in a long while, so not only was it great to get out of the house, but it was great to catch up. We ate a delicious dinner and the kids had a grand time playing with their daughter, who's only a few months behind Molly in age. It was fun to see Molly actually play and interact with someone her own age! I'm so use to seeing her play with Anthony, I guess I was a little taken aback that my little gal was actually playing with another little gal!....and they were playing kitchen and dolls, too cute! 

How many of you watched the football game? Not me. I couldn't care less, sorry. LOL Instead we ate a huge breakfast of french toast, sausage, and eggs, cleaned house, got a start on our yard work (because all the snow is almost gone!), scooped horse poop, and just played around outside. It was nice out, about 50* and perfect for being outside enjoying the fresh air. The kids had a good time. Of course, if we had been invited to a Superbowl gathering, we definitely would have gone and watched the game! Though naturally I would have been more interested in the food. ;) We capped the day off with a movie and a take and bake pizza. Yum!

The week ahead is a long one for the kids and I. I'm already tired and it's only Monday morning!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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