Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Projects

It's currently dumping snow at the Hauck residence. While the kids have their faces glued to the window taking much delight at this spectacular show, I, on the other hand, am screaming NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was perfectly content with the little dusting we had Sunday morning. I like seeing the grass. I like not freezing. I like pretending it's Spring time. ;)

Ahhhh well. Maybe it will get Anthony a no preschool day tomorrow. That'd be super nice as I am NOT a fan of driving my back country roads covered in ice and snow. 

Anyway, the whole reason for the post....I wanted to show off our weekend projects! A couple days ago I showed Sam a photo of a jewelry holder and mentioned how much I wanted to make one for Molly. He used some old, pretty, rough cut scrap wood we had and some nails and made this simple, yet lovely jewelry holder for her. I just love it!! And there's enough room at the bottom for me to get her some cute little boxes to put earrings or rings in when she gets older. What do you think?

While Sam was working on that, I finished up my bibs. Well, almost finished. I still have to buy my button snaps for them and attach them. I have some chenille left, but no patterned cotton. So looks like I've got to head back to the store for 1/2 a yard or so of cotton so I can finish doing all the washcloths I had in mind.....but I'm in no rush. At least I got all the bibs (6) and burp cloths (10) done that I wanted to! Next up, baby blanket!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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