Friday, January 27, 2012

Special VIDEO treat!!

23 week belly
(24 weeks on Sunday! Eeep!!)

Sooooooooooo I am definitely not a "vlogger." I don't like being on video because I always think I look and sound dumb, haha. Doesn't everyone? I never know what to do or what to say. I'm not good with being put on the spot with no time to think. However, I really wanted to post a video of us getting Baby's heart beat so ya'll could hear it! 

Funny story....in the video I mentioned how I knew Grandpa wouldn't be able to hear it because he had no sound on his computer, but that maybe he could listen to it at work or on my brother's comp next time he's around. Whereupon Sam informed me that he also wouldn't be able to hear me telling him that message....because he has no sound on his computer. 


Ohh I'm a little slow, what can I say? After we turned the video off I laughed so hard I peed my pants. HAHAHAHA! Stupid weak pregnancy bladder. Ok, that's a lie. I can't blame it on being pregnant. I always pee when I laugh too hard. Curse it!

SO Grandpa, lol, I know you don't have any sound on your computer, so you'll have to maybe pull my blog up at work if you can and listen to it there. Or snag Matt's computer next time you see him and make him show you. But at least for now you can see it on the screen. ;) 

Hope everyone can hear the heartbeat!! If you can't, turn up your volume. Timothy was really squirmy and made it a bit difficult to catch him. If you listen close you can even hear a kick! 

Ok, don't laugh too much at me! It was my first video. And someone let me know if it doesn't play? I had to upload it to Youtube and it took FOREVER. Hopefully it works! 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. First, I love your jeans. Torn jeans are my fav. And to be wearing them while pregnant is awesome! :)

    You look sooooo super cute pregnant by the way!

    I love videos. I wish I made more. I hate seeing myself in them and hearing myself talk too!!

    Listening to babies heart beat is the sweetest thing!!!!!

    I swear I got this ewwy gooey feeling. Please don't give me baby fever!! Lol!!! ;)

  2. Seeing this photo on your Facebook wall my first reaction was that motherhood really suits you. Hope that doesn't sound sexist, you just wear it well and have that 'glow' about you. My second thought was damn, I've always loved shredded jeans!

    I'm like you I always feel awkward in videos, self-conscious and I don't like the way I sound. The whole thing feels kinda weird to me.

    Guess now I know not to make you laugh!

    So if there's any question in your mind, the video is great and I love a chance to see you "live" at this stage of your life. And looking at the clock I see I'm here at 11:00pm your time (2:00am in Toronto). I couldn't go to sleep without seeing this, I had a stressful afternoon and this is an amazing way to finish my day.

    Sleep well "Mama Hauck". =)

  3. Great pic and awesome video! Loved both!

  4. @Mandy- Thanks! Now if only I could button those jeans! ;) As weird as I feel in videos, I think they're fun to do and a great thing to look back on and enjoy later down the line. I plan to do more! So glad you liked it!

    @Barry- A lot of people say that, lol. I just chuckle 'cause they have no idea how uncomfortable I am. But thanks! There is only so much space for baby! I wonder if pregnancy is harder/more uncomfortable on smaller people? Glad you liked the video, I crack up each time I watch it.

    @Sloan- Thanks for watching my video! Glad you liked it and hope it made you chuckle, lol.


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