Monday, January 9, 2012

Ohhh Monday.

You show up way too fast and make me wake up at 6am after a terrible nights sleep in order to take Anthony to preschool. In fact, you are much like Wednesday and Friday. You all pretty much suck in the "Letting Mama Sleep" department. Blargh. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired. Tired. Tired. Tired. So tired, in fact, that all my yawning keeps giving me headaches. Honestly, who gets headaches from yawning? Anyone else out there?? This is the 5th day in a row I've gotten a headache. I feel as if I could sleep for a year. And eat a horse. Hungry and tired. Yep.

Anthony felt the baby kick for the first time the other night. It was a really special moment. Baby has been CRAZY active and definitely getting bigger and stronger. All the moving has begun to make it hard to fall asleep at night....one of his favorite times to be active. After Anthony felt him move, he followed me around the house just talking about the baby, asking questions, and going on and on about feeling him move. It was really sweet. :) Molly doesn't want to touch my belly, I think it creeps her out. Though I know she understands because she'll ask about the baby in my belly. When I say I don't feel well she goes, "You don't feel good, Mama? 'Cause of the baby in your belly?" Lol And just this morning Anthony informed me that the reason the baby is able to swim around in my belly is because of all the water I drink. Hahaha! I love listening to them and learning how they see things from their point of view.

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend and isn't as bummed about it being Monday as much as I am! At least tomorrow is Tuesday. And Tuesdays means I can sleep.....till 7 maybe.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. I feel ya girl! I have to get up at 5:45am every day. That's so cute what they're sayin about the baby! ;)

  2. It always amazes me how much you give of yourself. :)

  3. Ugh, sounds horrible!! I use to wake up at 5 when I worked mornings at the nursing home. Torture!!

    I can't help it, have you seen how adorable and awesome my kiddos are!? ;)


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