Monday, January 30, 2012

I'll Begin Taking Craft Orders Now! LOL

This past weekend was busy. But that's a good thing. After having a rough week (did you see my vent on Wednesday!? Ha!), it was nice to welcome the weekend and have it be full of projects.

Saturday marked 7 years since the day Sam and I met...January 28th 2005. Yes, we celebrate this. LOL We all loaded up in the car and went grocery shopping (the not so fun part of the day) and then out to Spooky's for lunch. Delicious. We Finished the day by watching "Water For Elephants." It was a pretty good movie. 

Sunday was the insanely filled project day. If you follow my blog, you should know by now that we are always doing projects around the house! We take a lot of pride in decorating, fixing up, and creating things for our home.

On Pinterest (my new obsession!!) I found a few recipes for body scrubs. I thought this would make a great Valentines Day gift for Anthony's Preschool teacher and teacher assistant. There are tons of DIY body scrubs out there...seriously endless possibilities....but I choose one that was insanely simple. Best part was I had absolutely everything I needed to make it in my pantry, including the mason jar and ribbon to decorate it with, making this teacher's gift free for me! 

Vanilla Sugar Scrub:

6 oz mason jar with lid
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup white sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
Olive oil

In a mixing bowl, mix together your two sugars. Pour your sugar mixture into the mason jar. Add your vanilla extract. Add enough olive oil to thoroughly soak your sugars and stir all together so it's mixed well. If it's still dry, simply add more olive oil and continue mixing until you get a good, wet consistency. Top with a bit more olive oil so you have a layer coating the whole top. Seal tightly! 

I grabbed my hot glue gun and decorated them with ribbon, then simply cut a circle out of white paper for my label on the lid. Voila! If I had a cute little wooden spoon to go with it, that'd be extra awesome! But it's easy just to scoop it out with your hand, really no need to stir it before you use it either. I made one for myself as well and I LOVE IT! The smell makes me want to eat it. I'll be using mine as a hand and foot scrub. Perhaps in the shower as a body scrub too....it does leave your skin super soft! Make it and try it!

For Christmas the Grandparents all got a home made mason jar soap pump. I discovered this idea in a DIY Craft magazine. I went to the website listed in the magazine and ordered a handful of soap pumps and their attachments accessories. I think I payed about $4 for each pump kit. I love mason jars and love decorating with them in different ways around the house, so I ALWAYS have a few laying around somewhere, making the jar free for me. This is the one we made this weekend for the bathroom. It matches the toothbrush and toothpaste holders. :)

The first week of the month, Sam put up some glass shelves above the toilet. This allowed me to complete my "Beachy Spa" feel for our bathroom. I put up my new perfumes, my bath salts and oils, mason jars filled with q-tips and cotton balls, and lastly I filled a small basket with little bathroom essentials for the guest who forgets their own. It was fun to finish up my bathroom projects. Does it make you want to come over and take a bubble bath? ;) Now if only we had the money to get a new shower/tub.........

Remember the wooden jewelry holder Sam made for Molly? (If you scroll down the page a bit, you'll see it in another blog post....). I told Sam I wanted him to make me one (please!!!!) so I could get rid of my jewelry box and make space on our bathroom counter. Mine is pretty much like Molly's, except the wooden boards cover the whole back and are at an angle. The nails he used for me to hang up my stuff are smaller also. Pretty cool, huh? I love it! I told him he should make a whole bunch and let me sell them in my Etsy shop. Instead of nails we could use small wooden spools or even small decorative dresser knobs. Lots of ideas. I love the nails though....makes it more rustic and that's what I like. We could use whatever wood we like, if we wanted to go out and actually buy fancy shmancy wood. This was made out of wood we had left over from our barn, so cost us nothing to make. I used sea shells to hold my rings and earrings, but could easily pin up a fabric strip and hang my earrings on that. I don't know, these might be making an appearance in my shop soon!

And now the last project of the day....a MUCH needed HUGE behind the door spice/organizing rack. We had so many spices and random drink mixes, etc. littering the bottom of our pantry. It drove me crazy. I hate clutter. UGG! For a long time we were wanting a large behind the door rack to organize everything, but couldn't find one that we liked. So, naturally, Sam just made one, lol. It's all made out of scrap wood we had left over form our barn, so again, it didn't cost us a thing to make. The shelves are different widths and heights, so plenty of space and clearance to fit everything we needed to. After hanging it, I must have spent 45 minutes to an hour cleaning out and organizing the pantry.

Phew! Told you we had a busy project day. Hooray for being married to a handy man!! I can't imagine being with someone who couldn't wield a hammer. HAHA! Let me know what you think of our handy work! AND if you have an order to place, lol.

With love,
Mama Hauck 


  1. Baby Mama, this grandma would love a set of your bibs and burp clothes for a special young lady at my dentist office. Her bumb is due on the 9th of may. I got to talking to her a bit and found that she does not have a mama. She passed a way a while back. It would be awesome if you could make me a small set. Hers is a boy also, Jordan, I would pay for your time and materials. Let me know what you thing Ok? Thanks! Sounds like you've had a very busy but fun filled weekend. I love seeing all the things the Hauck family creates. So imaginative! Maybe I should take some stock and sell it here at our flea markets.? Talk to you soon. Love, Mommy, Mom, and Grandma!!

  2. WOW, i seiously love the jewelry wall box! it's so cute and handy!!! :) Fits your house theme well too. I spend too much on scrubs at bath and body, i should make my own too!

  3. @ Anon (Grandma!)- My people will call your people. ;)

    @ Jill- Thanks! Sam's pretty dang handy and I thought it was a great idea too! YES! Make your own! There are tons of simple (few ingredient) body scrubs you can make. You definitely should.


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