Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Day on the Hauck Homstead 2011

Christmas morning I got up early to shower and make sure everything was set up (ie: Santa had come). ;) The kids woke up and we dressed them in their nice Christmas picture taking clothes, lol, then they ran out to check on Santa's milk and cookies. They were happy to see Santa enjoyed his snack and also wrote a note back! hehehe It's so incredibly fun watching the kids have a good time.

Opening presents was a whirlwind! We all got some good loot. Anthony got pretty much everything he had wanted....a HUGE wooden train set, remote helicopter, more cars to play with (two of them being a cool Hess Truck and Cat that light up and make noise!), hot wheels track, legos, castle building blocks.....plus a few that weren't on his list but was super stoked to get. Mols didn't have a list, lol, but from what I can tell she was pleased with what she got.....hair clips, bracelets, a doctor set, books, some horsies, a cool kids camera, a few clothing items, and a Fur Real Friends doggie (which was a score for me and her favorite gift!) just to name a few. Papa got a new pin up girl calendar, small air hockey table, some great cologne, summer sausage and cheese gift pack, and a gift card for Sorrel boots. Grandma got a 2-go coffee mug, a home-made-by-us mason jar soap pump (really cool if I do say so myself!) and some perfume. I got all my free Victoria Secret stuff, hahaha, including a cute pair of pink and black pokadot p.j.'s and a set of perfumes, some home made soap and bath fizzies, a gift card to JCPenny, a mini pie maker (YAY!!), more of my favorite spruce bath oil, and a box full of Vermont made stuff like maple syrup, honey, crackers, mints, and a cook book....thanks to my brother and his girlfriend! 

After that big shabang, we looked up at the tree at the little envelope we had waited ohhhhh so patiently to open and decided it was now the time! SURPRISE! BOY!! :) Timothy Thomas Hauck.

We saved stockings for later in the day. I needed to get something to eat and change into scrumpies. I also couldn't fight the urge to pick up all the trash from opening presents and toys and start putting all the new toys in their rightful place RIGHT AWAY. *sigh* I'm a neat freak like that. But when we did get around to stocking it was super extra fun because the kids had forgotten all about them and were glad to have a few more things to open! Both Anth and Mols got undies....new Spongebob ones for Anth and Hello Kitty for Mols; her first ever undies! Yay! A set of new toothbrushes and character toothpaste helped balanced the tons of candy they got. And Molly was especially excited to get a hair brush and some chap stick while Anthony was excited to get his own pack of gum, haha. 

The rest of Christmas day was spent relaxing and playing with all the toys. I went and changed out of my old scrumpies and into my new ones to try them out. LOVE THEM! :) The kids ran to the bedrooms to play with all the toys. Anthony and Molly built a castle with new castle blocks and then they dug right in to Anthony's train set he had just been DYING for after first seeing one at the dentist office. Mols had a good time playing with her Fur Real Friend doggie that barks, whines, and moves it's head when you pet it. It's super cute. Poor Sam was sick. Super sick. He did ok in the morning opening presents, but after that he took up residence on the couch and proceeded to sweat, cough, hack, sneeze, and sleep the day away. Boo.

We were going to have a nice ham dinner, but Sam was so sick we decided to take it easy and eat left over clam chowder from Christmas Eve instead. Not a big deal to me as the soup was delicious and I snacked so much during the day I had no room left for a large meal. 

All in all it was another successful Christmas! The kids had a great time, it was nice to have Grandma Hauck here enjoying it with us, we all got a ton of good loot, and we found out Baby is a Timothy! That was indeed the best Christmas gift of all. :)

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Congrats on having a baby boy! They give you a run for your money...as you probably know, but are so much fun!

  2. *Christmas is for kids, and it looks like they had a great time (as did you and Sam).

    *I absolutely LOVED playing with Lego when I was a boy, I did right up until I was 16. It's a great way to allow kids to excercise their creativity and one of the best things you could invest in for them in my opinion.

    *I've never seen anyone rock a set of polka-dot jammies quite like this before! lol

    *You already know how I feel about baby Timothy. Hard to put into words how happy it makes me.

    *I loved tearing into my stocking on Christmas! Seems there was always an orange in the bottom.

    *Sucks that Sam was sick but I'm glad he's better now.

  3. PS: I meant to ask if you could post the notes to and from Santa?

  4. Once I dig them out of the filing cabinet I already put them into, I'll be sure to post. :)


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