Monday, December 19, 2011


Today was the glorious day I got to see my baby. :) Last time I had an ultrasound was 9 weeks ago at 9 weeks 1 day. I am now 18 weeks 1 day and needless to say the baby is much bigger and much more beautiful this time 'round. 

I posted a belly photo on Facebook and asked people to start making predictions on boy or girl. It's fun to see what other people think. I still think it's a boy and Sam still thinks it's a girl. We shall find out Christmas morning!!

The ultrasound was FANTASTIC! We love the tech who did it and she was nice and took her time. Baby was VERY active and danced on screen for us; causing me much pain with a full bladder and laying flat on my back with an ultrasound probe pressed against my belly, lol. And because Baby was so active, it made getting some of the measurements and shots a little difficult. We managed to get them all though. Sam and the kids were there with me and everyone ohhh'd and ahhh'd at the baby on the screen. It was an incredibly sweet moment.

Baby had a strong heart beat of 143 and all measurements were spot on. The tech gave us no reason to be fearful of anything and told us our baby looked wonderful. It'll be the radiation department that interprets the ultrasound results though and then calls my midwife. She will call me and give me the results, but I'm confident Baby is well. I had the tech turn the screen from us when she was looking for the gender. It was soooo hard not to look!! I wanted to so badly. She wrote the gender down on a piece of paper and stuck it in our envelope and sealed that sucker up. I placed it back on our Christmas tree the second we got home, not to be touched till Christmas morning!

And now on to the photos!

18 weeks 1 day belly.

Baby foot! Looks like Baby will have Papa's feet, lol. 

Baby hand giving us a thumbs up! LOL!! Love this photo.

Baby legs!

The classic creepy skeleton photo. Baby looking right at us. :)

The sweetest photo of them all, the profile shot. <3

With love,
Mama Hauck

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