Thursday, December 15, 2011

Preschool Christmas Program

Anthony's preschool Christmas program was last night and it was absolutely adorable!!! My only complaint: we had seats in the back and I could hardly see!! Grrr. AND I was sitting behind some tall guy that kept moving blocking by view even more. I was so angry, you know....with my crazy pregnant hormones and all, I probably would have cussed out load had we not been in a church. ;)

Anthony didn't do the song movements, but he did sing. He looked cute and was super sweet up there with all his class mates and definitely made me proud!!

Do you see this photo below? I call this "Triple Trouble." Apparently these three are bff's. From what I hear, the three do everything together at school and the little gal is seen holding both boys' hands at times. Anthony talks about his "girlfriend" all the time and even has a little photo of her that she gave him. LOL I've talked to the other Mamas in jest about the three of them and we all agree it's adorable and laugh about it when we pick them up from preschool. All the kiddos are just so dang sweet. Ahhh, young love. ;)

When the kids were all done singing, the teacher had a special surprise for them. SANTA! Most of the kids were a bit scared so they wouldn't sit on his lap, lol, and Anthony was no exception. I managed to bulldoze my way to the front of the crowd to get a few photos of Anthony on his teacher's lap with Santa. Afterwards he told Sam that that wasn't the real Santa, just a guy in a costume because Santa only comes on Christmas Eve! HAHA

Once the program was done, the kids were allowed to run around and play. It's great watching Anthony hang out with his buds and watch them all interact. We then headed out to the other room where there was a huge table filled with juice, cookies and cupcakes. Now that's my kind of Christmas program!!! 

I love being a Mama and watching my babies grow. :)

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. What a great moment. We used to do a crapload of plays in school, it seemed like it was all we ever did.

    "Triple Trouble", ah yes I know it well. My best friend and I always ended up liking the same girls right through to high school, never the "good girls" but the ones with a bit of a wild side. That never changed for me growing up.

    It'll be interesting to see how things go with the three of them. In Grade Four my friend Sean and I both liked this girl Jessica. I remember asking my mother why this girl wasn't interested when I paid attention to her but was all over me when I ignored her. It was my first real introduction to the complexities of relationships between the sexes.

    Great way to end the night off with a visit from Santa. Christmas is a time for kids and I love seeing them with smiles on their faces.

  2. LOL you're too funny. I'm hoping it all stays very innocent for a long, LONG time. haha Though I do have visions of both boys being great pals and getting all the sweet gals(not the wild ones!!)growing up. ;)

  3. So cute! They didn't do a Christmas program at Piper's school which bummed me out a little but she said they did do lots of Christmasy activities all week....they had a Polar Express day where they wore their jammies to school and there was this awesome train made out of cardboard. Santa came to her class on Friday and she told me the same thing, that it wasn't the real Santa, just a boy dressed up like him. Kids!

  4. Yeah, u gotta teach anth to pic the shy, nice girls like we were growing up :). He looks adorable there!!


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