Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My VS Loot

Holy Moly am I exhausted. Yesterday was a glorious, but long, day.

I went to the mall. ;)

My mom and I loaded up the kids and drove the 2 1/2 hours to Portland to go to one of their malls so I could spend my Victoria's Secret winnings. Whoop!

My loot:
2 zip up PINK sweatshirts - one pink, one red......$100.00
5 pairs of undies......$26.00
1 multi-way bra.....$50.00
1 cosmetic bag.....$12.00
2 sparkly high shine lip glosses.....$12.00
5 body mists of different scents.....$30.00
1 black long sleeved lace shirt (for after baby cause there's no way I'm fitting in it now!).....$39.50

I also got my mom an item........$50.00
And my BF in NY a few items.......$45.00

And with shipping (for the online bought items) & taxes, plus the $125.00 roundabouts Sammy had spent, my card is now at 0!


I also went to Motherhood Maternity and was pleasantly surprised when I tried on some pants and they fit. I'm currently having to use a hair tie around my pants button to help pro-long my wearing my normal jeans, haha! Maternity clothing is expensive, and outrageously huge....for me. Even at my biggest, a lot of maternity clothing just hangs on me and looks awful. I typically just buy a size or two up in normal clothing. But alas! I found some comfortable maternity pants! Of course they are petite extra-smalls, lol, but they actually fit! Hooray! I got a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of nice black dress pants. They both have the annoying spandex type band that goes all the way up your belly giving you "extra support" that I hate....but I'll deal. I also got two nursing bras and a pretty nursing cover. It was nice to get a few needed items that I normally would have had to buy online and run the risk of not fitting or liking. 

The kids were pretty well behaved through all of this and after spending so much time in just those two stores, we hit up just a few others real quick then made a pit stop at Cinnabon before heading out. If I hadn't had the kids and if I hadn't been exhausted and if I hadn't become poor after shopping at Motherhood Maternity, I would've stayed at the mall ALL day. I never get to go.

Today I'm just relaxing. I should probably be sleeping while Mols is napping and my mom and Anthony are out working with the horse. Sammy comes home tomorrow then our busy whirlwind of a weekend begins Friday evening. *sigh* Wedding, Nutcracker play, and road Christmas party. I wonder how I'll find the energy.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. And that BF is very grateful!! :) I can't believe most of their bras are $50 and up now, it's getting a big ridic! Good thing u won the card! :) Sounds like u got a lot of good stuff.

    I could spend all day at the mall too, but u already knew that :)

  2. You should make a "hot mom" clothing line of cool clothes! ANd I'll make a tall girls one :D

  3. I know it! $500 honestly doesn't go very far because VS is so expensive!! One item can cost $50+. But I'm grateful to have gotten what I did! :)

    Hahaha that would be fun!


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