Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anthony's Kiddo Gathering

Anthony's party with a few of his classmates this past Sunday went great! Everyone showed up round abouts 3 and the kids ran straight to Anthony's bedroom. Only one friend didn't show up, so I'd say the gathering was a great success! The other moms and I chatted for a long while in the livingroom before getting up to snack. It was almost difficult getting the kids out of the room to come eat a snack, they didn't want to stop playing! haha! 

I made a Velveeta cheese dip, whipped jello, meat-cheese-and cracker tray, veggies and dip, little pigs in a blanket, and cookies. Everything was a hit and got rave reviews...especially the jello and cookies. YUM!

After forcing the kids to come out and have a snack, we got everyone bundled up to visit the horse. That got them excited!! We went down to see Nik then spent a good while letting the kids run a muck in the yard before everyone left. Anthony was so sad to see his friends leave. :( And one of the gals was even crying because she didn't want to go, lol. But I talked to all the moms and everyone loved the place and we agreed to try and make some play dates. Success!!

After everyone left, Sam and I went on a 20 minute clean up whirlwind then collapsed on the couch to realx. Phewww! Kid gatherings are hard work!

Today Sammy got off work early and zipped home to pick the kids up before heading to the airport to pick up Grandma Hauck! I stayed home to enjoy some quiet time and finish picking up the house. When they get home from the airport and grocery shopping we will quickly be on our way to town to meet one of my gal pals and her family for dinner at my favorite local restaurant. Hooray! Hopefully we aren't late, lol. 

Anyway, Grandma Hauck will be here for Christmas and staying with us until January 3rd. The kids are very excited about this! So if I'm lacking in the blog department for a little bit, it's because between Sammy having time off and having Grandma here, I *might* not be able to find the time to hop on. Regardless, I do PROMISE to get on and scream to the world if Baby is a boy or girl after finding out Christmas morning. ;)

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. looks like a blast! U are such a good party planner, can i have some cheese zip please?! I love u, have a great Christmas.

  2. I'm so glad Anthony had fun with his friends! Any time you can have kids over to the house must be a treat. I have the fondest memories of my boyhood and it was because of things like this. What I love most about these posts is thinking of the memories Anthony and Molly will have to look back on when they're older. :)

    And you can bet your booty I'll be checking your blog for your announcement on the baby, I'm really excited for you guys! What do Sam and the kids think, boy or girl?


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