Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello November

Halloween day I was feeling pretty crappy towards the late afternoon/evening time. So not only did we not go out trick or treating, but we never did the alternative plan either....camp fire with roasting marshmallows and scary movie after. *sigh* What an anticlimactic Halloween and end to my favorite month. Boo.

Instead what we did was welcome November with a camp fire and marshmallow roast!  Hooray! Sammy got the fire going as I fed the kiddos dinner. Then we all rushed out and had a grand 'ol time roasting marshmallows! Molly wanted to eat hers unfired and Anthony was funny because he said the fire was burning his face so every photo I have of him he's blocking his face with his hand. We hope to do this a few more times before the snow falls this year because it was so fun and relaxing. Even the kitties came and had a good time. 

During the day Tuesday I made these yummy cupcakes for Sam to take to work and share as a belated b-day gift for a friend and one of Sam's co-workers. It took every once of self control not to swipe one and eat it, lol. Word on the street is they were a hit. Yay! Who doesn't love heavily frosted cupcakes with Halloween candy on top!?

I feel GREAT today. Got sick once this morning (and with such fury I popped a blood vessel on the skin under my left eye....ugh) but other than that I've felt significantly better today than I have in a long, long time. Maybe this is a taste of what's to come for me? I'd love it if I'd start having more good days than bad days. I'll be 12 weeks on Sunday!

Sammy worked at a different work site today and had to take a work vehicle in to get some work done on it. This allowed the kids and I to meet up with him at my favorite local food joint, Sodbusters, and get some lunch. I've been missing coffee, so I got myself a cup of decaf and loaded up on sugar and creme. Mmmm. I got the woodshed burger to eat....it's a burger with their special BBQ sauce on it. Ohh it was so good. I *almost* finished the whole thing. I also pigged out on french fries and a side salad with their delicious ranch dressing. Lunch out was just the thing I needed. :) Now the kids are napping and I'm eating Halloween candy, lol.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Unlike you I'm not a huge fan of fall but I do admit a bonfire and marshmallows is a great thing to do!

  2. So glad you're feeling better, hopefully that feeling lasts!!

  3. You'd love fall if you lived next to me. Does fall suck in CAN? lol

    Thanks! I hope so too!

  4. So happy you are feeling better! Those cupcakes look delish!


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