Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Love October


My favorite time of year! WHOOP! Just knowing it's October lifts my spirits. I love the crispness in the air....pumpkins, changing leaves, Halloween decorations, candy, etc. etc.

September wasn't very kind to me, so I'm holding out hope October will make up for it. And even though I just got over having a 24 hour stomach bug, I'm optimistic the rest of the month will be grand. But back to the stomach bug....blargh!! It was awful. Barfing from being pregnant AND having a stomach bug? Not so great. Anthony bawled when I told him yesterday morning that there was no way I was well enough to take him to preschool. I simply couldn't pull myself together. Poor little guy was so sad to miss a day. I was sad I couldn't move off the couch and wound up vomiting all day. Ugh. I had to have Sam come home early because I simply couldn't care for the kids. Now Sam is sick. He called me just a bit ago saying he's got the bug, but can't get off work to come home. *sigh* I'm crossing my fingers the kids don't get sick. I'm not prepared to deal with kiddos who have the poops and the barfs when I, myself, am a pregnant mess. 

Good news! Sammy got a lot of work done on the barn this past weekend. He completed the electrical work so we now have power! We've got two lights in Nik's stall, one in the tack room, one out behind the barn, and a motion light in front of the barn. I've also got a radio set up in the tack room which is pretty sweet. Sam also finished up the water system. We have a water pump behind the barn that hooks up to tubing that goes up over the barn and back down into his water trough in the front of the barn. This'll make is so it's a breeze to fill up Nik's water and the angle of all the tubing makes it so no water will get stuck in the hose or tube and create any freezing problems. Pretty dang smart, huh? I'm glad I married a handy man. We also purchased a hay rack, a larger water trough, and a water heater that we'll put in the trough come winter time so we don't have to deal with ice forming in Nik's water. Finishing touches were put on the tack room and all the tools and everything were cleaned up. Everything looks clean and pretty. :) I can't wait to take a few pictures to show ya'll! Nik seems very happy in his new home. 

While Sam and the kids worked outside on the barn the whole weekend, I mustered up the energy to decorate the house for Halloween....my favorite time of year!!! Our neighbors gave us their corn stalks so we put them up outside around some trees in the front yard. The kids had a swell time helping and they look great! I'm excited to hit up a pumpkin patch to get all our pumpkins and gourds hopefully sometime soon. I look forward to doing that all year! No Halloween party this year like I had last year. :( I'm far too exhausted to even think about it. (If you want to read all about my Halloween party last year, click this link: Halloween Party 2010 ) We might still try and have a few people over for pumpkin carving and candy.....we'll see. Anthony's all excited because I just ordered him a police costume for Halloween. Molly's going to be a kitty cat with ears, a tail, and whiskers. :) Hopefully I'll have some Halloween photos to post up soon. I've slacked in the photo department recently.

A big thank you to all those who have kept me in your thoughts and given me words of encouragement. I have another ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully it shows some good news.....I would love for my uterine blood clots to be all gone and for my pregnant life to get back to normal. Sam will be coming with me to this ultrasound, so that makes me happy. I'm still trying to take it as easy as I can and not over exert myself. I'll let ya'll know the results of the ultrasound. I'm looking forward to seeing the baby's heartbeat again. :)

With love,
Mama Hauck

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