Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preschool Open House Was A Success!

Currently there is a wild fire burning far too close for comfort. It started yesterday afternoon sometime north of our town. It has made it's way south, skipping town, but heading out towards my way to a road at mile marker 7. I live off a road at mile marker 10. Tons of people in the fire's path have been evacuated from their homes and we're kinda just sitting and waiting to see what happens next. Last night we could see the glow of the fire in one spot and this morning, very early, we could see it in a totally new spot....closer. It's so dang dry out here. Sammy went ahead and went into work, but told me he'd keep me posted and come right home if he heard anything. So looks like I'll just be keeping my eye on this fire and keeping my ears open for word of possible evacuation. Guess I'll have to let ya'lls know?

On a brighter note, Anthony had his open house for preschool yesterday! It went very well! Sam got off work early so we both could be there. We walked into the school with Anthony holding my hand and was greeted by his teacher. She was sweet as pie. She showed Anthony all the kid's names above the cubby spaces and asked him if he could find his name. The smarty pants scanned the names then walked right up to his! :) He has a pretty dang cool cubby and backpack hook if I do say so myself. The teacher then helped him find his name card. Every day they need to go find their name card then place it in a slot on the wall. Helps them set up a routine I suppose. We then took a gander at all the toys they had there and let him and Molly play as we talked to the teacher and some of the other parents who were filtering in. Molly was so cute, she wants to go to school sooooo bad! I actually feel really terrible that I have to explain to her that she's not old enough to go. :( I know each time I go to drop Anthony off she'll be wanting to stay! We then went to the snack room and had a few cookies and apple juice before heading back to pick up some book flyers and a little project for Anthony to do for his first day of school on Monday. Anthony politely said good bye and thank you to his teacher (which impressed her, haha). He left SO EXCITED and I am SO STOKED! I'm confident that on Monday we'll only have minimal tears, if any, when I drop him off for his first day of class. Well, I hope so anyway. 

After the open house we went out to the Mexican joint in town with my gal pal and her husband, who also have a son going to preschool and were at the open house, in celebration of preschool. :)  We then swung on by another gal pal's house to chum it up and eat cake with her and her family since it was her birthday. The kids thought it was a special night all for them with playing, eating out, and cake, haha.

I woke up at 6 this morning and ran through my soon to be new routine just to get myself prepared. Can't say I enjoy waking up at 6 and dragging my feet out to feed and water the horse, but that's what has to happen so I have time to shower and get ready as well as feed and dress two kids. *sigh* 3 times a week? (Ahh yes, I forgot to mention that I called the teacher and changed Anthony's class again. He is now in the older class, the one he was originally in at the start, that goes M/W/F. This way he'll go to kindergarten next year. And we're sticking with that! lol)

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Getting into the routine was definitely hard for me too, although I don't have any horses to tend to! Sounds like a busy morning! I bet he'll do great and love school :)

  2. You just wait Miss B!!! Try TWO kids, letting the dog in and out, making TWO lunches, and driving them 10 miles to school each day to TWO different schools. We did a practice run too and it was the first day of school, this past Tuesday, let's just say we failed!! One forgotten lunch, dog had to hold his pee, and one kid crying....oh the joys of motherhood!!

    PS...I wasn't sure which message was meant for me?? Just email or text me the date of the blog! Thanks for thinking of me anyway! LC:)


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