Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Child's Imagination

Molly was being quiet (LOL it's when they are quiet that you typically have to worry!) so I crept into her room to see what she was doing and low and behold I find her babies sleeping on her pillows and Molly standing a little ways off telling me, "Shhhhh! Babies sleeping!" I ran to get my camera and came back to find her giving one of her babies a kiss.  She's still all about her baby dolls and has three of them now that she rotates carrying around with her and sleeping with at night. Two days ago she got SO EXCITED when I washed one of her baby's outfits for her and couldn't wait for me to put it back on, lol.  She is a sweet little Mama. :)

After Molly's tender loving moment with her baby, in runs Anthony and they both hopped in their "car" with their guns and went hunting lion. HAHAHA

Later in the day, while I was cooking dinner, Anthony and Molly were fighting over who got to play with "Papa's blankie." Soooooo I grabbed Anthony's two small chairs, the hamper, and the blanket and made them a fort. They were so giddy with excitement! haha I was able to finish dinner while they played in their fort.

 The other day Anthony had me sitting in a chair on an "airplane" on my way to the grocery store. I had my "cell phone" that I was told I was suppose to be playing Birds on because I was bored while waiting for my Mama to bring me a snack (who knew my Mama was also the flight attendant on the SAME plane I was on!?). And guess what!? Surprise! It was also my birthday. How could I not know it was my birthday? And for my special birthday dessert I got a bowl full of ice cream and sour pop-sickles. I also ate a hamburger, a hot dog, jello, pudding, pizza, tea, and coffee. How lucky am I? And then, yes, we went lion hunting.

Ohhhh I love my kiddos. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Sure wish I could have been home for all of the fun. I did love seeing the fort when I got home. dinner was amazing last night as was dessert. hank y again sweetheart. Sammy

  2. Awww! Piper does the same thing with her babies, I always find blankets spread out on her floor with her babies "sleeping" on them.

  3. These kids are impossibly adorable sometimes. Okay most of the time.

    I used to LOVE making forts when I was a kid.

  4. You're welcome. <3

    It's sweet when they play Mama. :)

    I loved making forts too! My sister and I had bunk beds and would drape curtains from the top one so the bottom one was a fully enclosed fort, lol. I also remember my dad taking mattresses and leaning them up against the wall and we would crawl under them and act like it was a cool tunnel fort. Ahhhh, sometimes I wish I could go back to those days.


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