Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuna For Lunch

Mama's Kiddo Approved Tuna Fish 

2 cans tuna fish (enough tuna for Mama AND leftovers is a bonus!)
2-3 tiny dill pickles
Cheddar cheese (extra sharp in the Hauck home)
Mixed-up salt
Garlic powder

Mix your tuna, mayo and mustard all together. There are no exact measurements. Add more mayo if you like it wetter, less if you like it drier. I like mine with mustard, some people don't. Cut up your tiny dills and onion (you only need a small amount) into small pieces and toss those in. I hate pickles, but the cut up tiny dills are delicious in the tuna and I find taste great! Sometimes I cut up grapes into small pieces and put that in the tuna as well. It's tasty! I like to grate cheddar cheese right into the tuna mixture. It puts that extra delicious somethin' somethin'. Dash on some pepper, mixed-up salt, and garlic powder and mix it all up.

Anthony and Molly love this tuna fish and I usually add a side or two of fruit to go along with it. Lunch success! See? :)

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. I really need to see if my kids will eat tuna fish....I'm not a fan but I try it every once in awhile to see if my taste buds have changed, lol. I think it may be the mayo, maybe if I try it with mustard instead....

  2. I don't like mayo much, so I don't make my tuna very wet. Just a little mayo and I make up for it being dry with the mustard. :)


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