Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Return Of A Mad Woman

I'm torn between screaming at the top of my lungs and bawling my eyes out. 


A lot. I whole heartily loathe them. The only other thing I hate more than mice are fleas.

You may or may not recall my battle with mice in my home last summer/fall time. Snap traps and sticky traps smeared with peanut butter.....evil chuckles in the middle of the night when I heard a trap go off or the "flap flap flap" of a mouse trying to get off the sticky trap.....torn to shreds dishcloths.....the repetitive cloroxing of my counter tops and cleaning of drawers.....getting two kitties to be "mousers"..... 

Remember this face from last year? 

He's dead.

I became suspicious this time 'round when I saw a few nibbles taken out of one of the apricots on the kitchen counter. I threw it away, refusing to think the unthinkable. The next morning the remaining apricot had nibbles taken out of it. I threw it away, tears welling. I walked back towards the kitchen sink to wash my hands when I heard it. The noise. The unmistakable noise. A mouse chewing. Chewing, chewing, chewing. I frantically tore open the drawer where we use to keep the towels (but now keep the spices) knowing that I would find mouse poop. 


Please, I beg you, STAY OUT OF MY LIFE! You bring me much stress and it will not end well for you.

*Expanding spray foam has been broken out to seal off even the tiniest of holes I can find....anywhere.
*Mouse traps have been slathered with peanut butter and strategically placed.
*Cats have received a pep talk and threat of life if they do not perform their duties.
*Under the house has been inspected (ugh, NOT fun) by Sam and measures taken to rid mice and other vermin. 
*An exterminator type person will be called out before winter to take a gander and give suggestions.

I made my first kill this morning. AND I AM NOT SORRY AT ALL. There will be more kills made until I rid my house of them once again.

With love (but not to mice),
Mama Hauck