Monday, August 22, 2011

Pre What?

Sending Anthony off to preschool will probably make me cry (I'm a big baby like that, shut up!). It's probably going to make Anthony cry too. That's why this topic has been difficult for he (and I) to deal with. Is it really time to send him off to preschool? Really? REALLY??

I feel ill equipped to deal with this preschool business. 

Pregnancy, labor, and birth? Been there, done that. Twice. Mastered. 
New born, baby, and toddler stages? Self proclaimed professional. 
Preschool? *Crickets chirping*

First it was the denial that it was indeed time to start looking into preschool. Preschool? What's that? Is that the place you send your angelic child off to and they return home to you with a head cold, chickenpox, paint and glue on their brand new shirt, and the bad attitude and boogers they picked up from their naughty classmates? No thank you. I didn't go to preschool and look at me! I'm smart and pretty dang ok. Awesome if you ask me. 


Once I got over my negative preschool attitude the search began. Then the rejection from the first place. Many curse words followed. Then MONTHS of phone tag with the teacher from the second place (see, preschool IS dumb!). Finally paper work, deposit.....we were accepted. Then it was what days? What times? How many of my arms and legs do I owe you!? When's open house? When does he start? When does school end? Ok, now that we got all that figured out, I change my mind. Switch to a different class. This means different days, same time, less money. 

Finalized. Signed in blood. Not really. 

Anthony will be starting preschool at Learning Ladder Preschool at the Methodist church in town. He'll go Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11:30am. YAY!

GREAT!......Except this will be harder than I thought. Anthony IS NOT excited about this AT ALL. The mere thought of him going to school and leaving me has him in tears. My children are shy and sensitive. We live out in the boonies and they are around me 24/7 with very few playmates. I can't expect them to be as chill and outgoing as other kids who have had more interaction by living in town 2 feet from 100 other neighbor kids. I've got a lot of sweet talking ahead of me. I've pointed out the school and playground and talked about how much fun he'll have with other kids and snack time and craft time and blablabla. I know the first day or so will be hard on him, but I'm certain he'll love it and have a grand time....eventually. He needs it. But because I know he's unhappy about the whole thing and will cry when I take him, I've got to suck up my own tears and be strong for him so he doesn't see me getting all upset and think he REALLY does have a reason to be upset.


Ugh. 9 in the morning. I have two children to feed breakfast and get ready in a timely manner (that is NOT easy). A horse to trek out to to feed. From start to finish I take an hour to get ready (not bad, ehh?). We'll have to leave by 8:35. What time does this circus have to start in the morning just so I can get Anthony there on time? Better be up with Sam in the morning on preschool days. Ugh.

Then there's the drive. 20-25 minutes there, 20-25 minutes back. 2x a week. It's only 9-11:30. Do I drive him there, drive home for an hour and a half, then drive back? That's a lot of gas and a lot of money. Or do I stick around in town and find something to do? Have you seen my town? What would Mols and I do? The park? Ok, good idea....until winter. I might have to crash a few friends' homes to kill time. They might get annoyed with me.

Who thought preschool would be a life altering event.....for Anthony and me. :)

Open house, September 7th! First day of class, September 13th! 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. As someone who tries to balance optimism with realism I can still see where this could be going and I'm holding my breath. It will be a big change, but I think like many things you'll get into that routine after a while and the dust will settle.

    Anthony has you and Sam for support, but I hope you have a support system as well Becca. Apart from the logistics of it all, the fact that your little boy is growing up is I'm sure a hard pill to swallow.

    Along the way there will be tears and tantrums and stress, but it'll work out.

  2. We've got two days of preschool down and I won't lie, it was pretty hard on both of us. But when Piper came out of school today she was smiling and I watched her hold open the door for all the other kids, she chattered non stop about her day and is super excited to go back tomorrow. It just takes time but you guys will figure it all out. I feel pretty lucky that I don't have to pay for preschool, I was slightly worried about that but it's free here.

  3. I went to a Methodist church for preschool too, and it turned out to be my church ! I'm sure Anthonly will love playing with all the other kids after a while. Tell him it's only twice a week and he gets to meet new friends!

  4. YES, it will be nice once our new routine is set and the dust settles! I know all will work out, it's hard being patient in the meant time and quieting the fretful feeling inside. We'll survive I've no doubt.

    I'm glad Piper is doing better! She seems like a natural "helper" :) I wish we didn't have to pay for preschool! That's awesome you don't have to! Yay!

    Yeah! I knew that! I know he'll have a grand time after the first few days. Just rough now trying to prep him for it.


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