Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Want To Live On The OR Coast Part I

Every year in July, our friend Tim's family has a crab boil at their beach home in Garibaldi, OR, right on the beautiful OR coast, during the Garibaldi days (like a town celebration). We were graciously invited to join them this year! Sammy and I got to the beach house Tuesday evening. Sam, Tim, and I had the whole beach house to ourselves until Thursday evening when Tim's mom and dad were to show up followed by more of his family and a few of our friends Friday evening for the big crab boil on Saturday!

After spending some time by the fire Tuesday evening, we hit the hay. I wanted to rest up to hopefully feel better for the days to come. Wednesday morning, the 27th, I woke up feeling substantially better, though a little tired and my throat was hurting. Sucked, but nothing I couldn't deal with. We started the day out with a trip to a gorgeous beach in Tillamook (Tillamook is where they have the Tillamook cheese factory!!). I love it there......I could probably spend hours on the beach just laying in the sand watching the waves roll in. Absolutely beautiful. We frolicked around and collected sand, seashells, and sand dollars. I got a lot of great shots at this beach that I think are just breathtaking. 

After the beach we headed out to the Cape Meares Lighthouse. Click here to check it out! It's beautiful looking out across the water. This was followed by a short hike on a trail path close to the lighthouse to see a HUGE tree called Big Spruce which is the largest Sitka spruce in OR. It is 144 feet tall with a circumference of  48 feet. Click here to check it out!

We then drove around a bit, hitting up a fruit stand where we got a flat of mixed berries and some artichokes. Our destination was The Pelican Pub and Brewery in Pacific City (right on the coast) for lunchClick here to check it out! Gorgeous views AND delicious grub! We sat outside on the patio right on the beach front and looked out across the sand and water. It was beautiful, I'm telling you. I ordered the white cheddar mac and cheese and it was, no lie, the BEST mac and cheese I have EVER (seriously!!!) had in my entire life!! I also got a hot coffee and booze drink that was so strong I was feeling great by the time we left, haha. I was in heaven. It was great to sit out there soaking up the sun and the views. After eating, we headed on back down to Garibaldi to go to another beach to look for agates, arrowheads, and sea glass. I never tire of looking for goodies. :) We then went back to the beach house for some downtime and dinner and decided it would be a grand idea to head off to one of the local bars in town, The Ghost Hole (Love this place! Food, drinks, pool, gambling, karaoke), for a few drinks and some pool.  The night ended with conversation around the fire back at the beach house. What a freaken AWESOME day!!

Thursday, the 28th, I woke up with the hopes of feeling 100% back to my old self. I was wrong. My throat was so dry and hurting and I had no voice. Ugh! I was pretty much laughed at by Sammy and Tim the whole day, lol, as I tried to squeak out my words. I was EXHAUSTED.....I didn't want to move. After a delicious breakfast of donuts, coffee, bacon, and toast, we decided we would hit up a few antique shops in a near by town called Wheeler. Click here to check it out! I might be sick, but I can still shop. :) The couple antique shops we went in were huge! I could have spent all my money in there, lol, but only got a couple old blue glass mason jars, some pretty shells, and a cool big, brown, long neck bottle. Tim treated us out to lunch in another coastal town called Manzanita. We went to The San Dune Pub Click here to check it out! and I got the most delicious (Seriously soooooo good) chicken caesar wrap and washed it all down with a Wyder's Pear cider. My new favorite drink. YUM! We sat outside on their patio and enjoyed the quiet atmosphere, the soft breeze, and the sunshine. After eating, the plan was for Tim to take us on a hike, but I was SO TIRED I didn't know how I was even going to walk back to the truck, lol. I feel bad cause Tim had really wanted to take us on that hike and I really would have liked to have gone and taken some awesome photos, but there was no way I could muster up the energy to go. So instead we headed back to the beach house where I was able to take a nap for an hour or so. Thanks guys. :)

After napping I awoke feeling better and it was off to crabbing!! We went to a small dock close to the beach house right there in Garibaldi and tossed off our crab pots and sat around chumming it up. Ahhhh.....crabbing in the evening in a beautiful coastal town on vacation.....I could do this every day and NEVER tire of it. We got one keeper. Tim's parents got in that night and we met them back at the beach house after we were finished crabbing. We then went to a different bar for some dinner and a little slot machine fun before I had to call it a night and bail on everyone to go to bed, lol.

To be continued.....

With love,
Mama Hauck

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