Monday, August 15, 2011

Beachy Projects/Decorating

I told you while at the coast we collected a slew of shells, sea glass, and driftwood with a whole bunch of beachy projects in mind. I've always loved decorating with driftwood and collecting seaglass when we lived on Whidbey Island and I really wanted to make a shell mobile for Molly, so our trip to the coast was the perfect opportunity to gather our materials! 

First we did the driftwood projects. A small one for the bathroom with a shell attached to the bottom and a much larger one for the living room, hanging from a piece of rusted metal I found on the beach. I love how they turned out! Super simple too. Driftwood, twine, drill.

We then did the shell projects. We had to order special diamond cut drill bits to delicately drill holes in the shells; this was done in water. We placed the shell on a block of wood and placed all that in a shallow cake pan filled with water and then drilled the hole. I let Sammy do this, though I'm sure I could have handled the task. :) I had the task of stringing the shells on the fishing line. This was painstaking work and took forever! 

I wanted to show you my other beachy goods! Here are the two blue mason jars and big brown jug I got at an antique store while at the coast. I placed them at the foot of one of my plants and dressed up the plant with some driftwood and shells.

On one of my couch end tables I place my mason jar with sea glass, a large pearly shell, and some shells in my small plant to dress that up like my large one. I hope to fill my mason jar up to the brim with sea glass. :) You like my new tree decoration? I got that at a local store in my town called Amiee's Attic.

My mom made this bowl for me for my birthday! I love it! I placed it on my coffee table and filled it up with all the shells I had left over from my projects.

Molly's room got the shell mobile her Papa and I lovingly made for her, some shells on her shelves, and a pretty cork bottle I had planned on throwing in the ocean with a message on it (but ran out of time!). Maybe one day I will. I also placed a piece of driftwood on her dresser along with a glass tray full of pretty rocks I picked up from the beach, some of them with those white crustations on them. I really LOVE Molly's room! I love how it's a combination of forest, with the tree on her wall and her owl/bird bedding and sea, with all the shells, rocks, and driftwood. It feels really whimsical to me.

The bathroom got some beach goodies too! The driftwood project we made hung above the hand towel rack, some sand dollars placed under the mirror, a pretty shell on the sink, and two mason jars filled with sand and shells from the Tillamook Beach (where I took all those pretty photos) placed on either end of the counter. We hung that one piece of driftwood with the star fish and shell above the large towel rack. My favorite beach inspired decoration is my new collage of beach photos that take up a large portion of wall. It means the most to me.

I also took a photo of my new mother of pearl and sterling silver charm so I could show yalls too. :)

Our home now has a relaxed beachy theme that goes along great with our existing country woods feel. I LOVE IT! :)

Busy week for me. Lots of random phone calls....one being to try to get a hold of Anthony's soon to be preschool teacher. Dermatology appointment today an hour and a half away (ugh).....also dropping off Anthony's shot record so it can be updated in preparation for him going to preschool.  Hopefully work on my etsy.com site during the week. Hopefully blog post on the barn and other outside projects. And maybe take the kids to see their friends in town since they've been gone for so long and haven't gotten in any hang out time!? We'll see if this Mama can get everything done I'd like to!

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Busy week!
    Those new decorations look beautiful!

  2. OMG you are so creative!! I love beach inspired stuff. When I ever get a house, can u come decorate it for me? lol I am so stealing your pic frame collage idea, I liked it since I saw the one in your living room :) U found so many shells, I couldn't find any in FL :(

  3. Haha thanks! I sure will! :) Yeah, I think it's a great way to showcase your favorite photos all in one spot. I had to steal some from the living room to do the bathroom, so now I have to re-do my living room one. LOTS of shells!


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