Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's My Birthday!


I mean Ugh. 25 is old. ;)

Sorry for my absence recently. If you knew how busy with children I have been recently, then you'd forgive me. Sam's family is now gone, they left Tuesday morning and Sam headed back to work today.....with the car. Guess that leaves me spending the day at home with the kids with no plans. Birthdays suck when their not on a weekend. Hopefully it will be warm and sunny out. The past 2 days haven't been that warm and I'd REALLY like to sit out in the sun with an ice tea in hand reading a Cosmo thank you very much. 

I do have a post planned for the Hauck fam's visit with photos. I also did a photo shoot of my niece and nephew for my sister in law and plan to post some of those pics too. My very first photo shoot with my new lens!!! The photos turned out great in my opinion. And yesterday we went to Home Depot and got some plants for in front of the house to spruce the place up a bit. I'll have to post pics of those too. 

.....but not today. Just let me sit around today and contemplate my life thus far. 

Though one photo to tide you over couldn't hurt. Me and my babies on a picnic last week.
With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Mama. Hope you are having a great day. You asked about a week ago when I was due. Im due Aug 17th....and the time couldn't come soon enough.

  2. Maybe it's the way this photo was shot or the shirt that Anthony's wearing but it's amazing how blue his eyes and yours are in this picture! Hard to see Molly's with her forced camera-smile (I love when she does this!) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday. :)

  3. Thank you! You're getting sooooo close! But i know how it just drags at the end! :)

    Yeah, don't our eyes look really blue!? I think it was the lighting that made them look that blue. :) Silly Mols. And I did, thank you!


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