Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Busy Life

It's been a busy week for me. Tuesday I went to my gal pal Mariah's house with Anth and Mols to spend some time with her and her kiddos. Wednesday I had a play date with my gal pal Brie and her son. Thursday I loaded up the kiddos and made the hour drive to The Dalles to hit up the grocery store for some party goods for the kids' B-DAY PARTY IN ONE WEEK!!!! Whoop! I feel like time is flying and it does not please me so. :(

Friday was a wonky day (yeah, I said wonky....don't pretend you don't like the word). And by wonky I mean crazy full of ups and downs. I was sweeping the kitchen floor when I discovered what I at first thought to be dog poop. But no, it wasn't dog poop, it was so much more awesome than that. Apparently one of the dogs thought it would be a grand idea to sneak over to the barn, eat a tasty snack of horse poo, then vomit it all back up behind the kitchen table. If I didn't want to strangle the dogs for getting in their stupid scuff and costing us $200 in vet bills recently, I for sure did now. Grrr. After cleaning up that mess, the kids and I started on our way to Mariah's house to kill time before heading to the library for this super rad "Mad Science" thing they had going on at 3. On the way there, Anthony threw up hot dog and strawberries in the car (he gets car sick sometimes). That was horrific. I manged to deal with that accordingly and make it to Mariah's where she had a delicious ice tea waiting for me. Sweet friend, I should have told her to put a shot of vodka in it for me. The science show was AWESOME! Other than sweating our butts off in the sun, the show was great and the kids loved it. Next Friday there's going to be a "Creature Feature" show. Oh, I can't wait! :)

After the library I swung into the store to pick up pizza and chocolate pie then we all headed back to my place to wait for Sam and Mariah's husband Ben to show up after work. I got some photos of the kids playing on the trampoline. I love watching Molly jump on it, she is the sweetest thing! We pigged out on pizza and pie and then the guys did some work in the shop organizing crap while Mariah and I chummed it up and played with the kids. Then it was chill out time for the kiddos and drinks and Yahtzee and UNO time for the adults.....because we're cool like that. 

The night ended well enough, but poor little Mols was not feeling well. At 4am this morning she came crying into the bedroom with puke smeared all on her face and pajamas. God am I tired of vomit. I cleaned her off, changed her pajamas, layed a few towels down on a pillow next to me, grabbed a barf bucket, then swooped my sweet little baby up and put her next to me in bed. She got sick off and on until about 8 or so. :( Morning came too fast for this tired Mama. Molly seemed to be feeling a ton better so we continued with our plans to go to a wedding reception at noon. A little while after getting there I noticed she was warm and acting tired and unhappy in general so we left at 2 for home. And that is why I am able to bring you a post on a Saturday! We decided to have a mellow afternoon and relax on the couch with a few movies. 

Tomorrow has us spending Father's Day at home in the morning and then heading to a friend's Father's Day party later in the day where Mariah and a few of her siblings will be singing and playing music. We're excited for that! Mariah's siblings will actually be singing and playing music at the kids' party next weekend. They're awesome and it's going to be great! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and Happy Father's Day tomorrow to all the Papa's.

Trampoline fun!
Friday night pizza, pie, and UNO
Before friend's wedding reception
With love,
Mama Hauck