Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Molly's Birthday 06-28-11

My little gal turned 2 on Tuesday!! Like with Anthony, Sam snuck balloons into her bedroom before he left for work. When Molly woke up she came running into my room and kept saying "balloons, balloons!" over and over. I'd say she loved them! The day was a little more low key than Anthony's birthday was. They like to come with me in the morning to take care of Nik now instead of staying in the house and watching Spongebob. Just as well! They've taken to mucking the arena for me, lol. I swear they like to do it! I didn't even tell them to. :) Molly runs around and points out the piles of horse poop and then I'll scoop it up. After mucking they helped fill up Nik's water trough and then we all headed back to the house to eat ice pops for breakfast! The day consisted of playing outside, lunch, more outside play, and a nice long nap for Mols. When Papa got home Molly opened her b-day cards we had set aside from her b-day party and then took a few photos like we did with Anthony. Then it was POOL TIME! We met a few pals there and had a good time watching all the kids run around and splash about. We hit up subway for some dinner on our way home and Molly's special day was capped off with some beautiful cotton candy clouds. I told her they were created just for her on her birthday. :) She didn't much care. lol


With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Were u exhausted after all that celebrating?! whew! I love the black and white pic with the kitty too. You and Sam sure throw some siiick bdays :)

  2. I noticed that when I post it is your time zone! It's 5:41 here and it says 2:41. hehe

  3. I'm definitely exhausted!! I've tried to take it easy this week. :) I knew you'd love that pic. I love how the kitties follow us to the barn and are at the heels of the kids all the time, it's sweet.

    Yeah, it adjusts to my time....just like my comments adjust to your time on your blog! :)


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