Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kiddo's B-Day Party!

The birthday party was a success! I was bummed a few of my gal pals weren't able to show up, but we had a good amount of people and it made for a friendly crowd. I failed a bit in the photo taking area.....but only because I was running around doing a million things for the party and the kids. When I was able to catch a break, I tried to chum it up with the party guests. So not an extreme amount of photos were taken, but trust me when I say everyone had a grand time!

The whole morning I ran around all crazy putting the finishing touches on everything and making sure everything was in it's place. Friday night I had made cookies and jello, but still had brownies and a pasta salad to make the morning of the party. I also created a "candy bar" with a wide selection of candy that the kids LOVED. Of course. :) We had our friends Tim and Arron show up early to help set up the keg. We then set out to fill up a good amount of water balloons (though it's NEVER enough!) I'm thankful for the help our of first party guests!

People started filtering in and the festivities began. Everyone chowed down first. We had burgers and dogs, brown beans, 3 different types of pasta salads, a green salad, watermelon and cantaloupe, jello, brownies, and cookies. Delicious! After eating we did presents. Anthony and Molly got Tag Readers, new sandbox buckets, foam water cannon squirt thingys (lol), play food for their kitchen, foam building blocks.....Mols got a new baby doll and Anth got a Spongebob game. The kids had been patiently waiting for possibly the best part of the party....a water balloon fight that turned into a hose fight!! It was awesome! Not only were the kids running around, but some of the adults (ahem, me!) were too. The water balloons were quickly gone so I grabbed the hose and soaked the first guy I saw. He grabbed for the other hose but I was sneaky and turned the switch so I could soak him while he tried figured out why the heck the hose wasn't working, hahahahaha. Eventually I handed the hose off to the kiddos so I could snap a few photos of our water fun. The balloon fight was one of the moments I wish someone would have picked up my camera!! It was definitely a good time. 

Cake was next. We ushered everyone inside to sing happy birthday to the kiddos and then the ice cream cake was cut. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent just hanging out and listening to music. I arranged for a few friends whom create, sing, and play their own music  to come and play for us. They were awesome as always! The adults chummed it up, the kids ran around.....the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. It was indeed a gorgeous day. People started to leave and by night time we were left with our closest circle of friends all enjoying the beautiful night. There were shots and laughter in the kitchen, music on the porch, Anthony and Molly as well as my gal pal's kiddos sleeping soundly, and me......dieing of a migraine on the couch. :( Yes, the only bummer of the day was that I suffered from a headache shortly after the water balloon fight and it had turned into a stomach turning, head pounding migraine. *sigh* I had to call it a night and leave my friends to party without me. DANG IT!! Awe well, story of my life. 

Morning came FAR to quickly, lol, but at least my migraine was gone. The two friends who wound up staying the night joined us for a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage, and cheese smokies. We listened to a new band I was introduced to by my friend Tim, Trambled By Turtles, and enjoyed the sunny morning and post party excitement of the kids as they broke into their b-day presents. It was gorgeous out so we sat around outside soaking up the sun while we said goodbye to our pals come noon time. Sammy and I then decided that we'd pick up outside, but leave inside for later that night.....something that was hard for me to accept seeing as I'm such a neat freak and wanted to get right in there, but oh so glad I decided to overlook it for the time being. We just basked in the sun while the kids ran around and enjoyed the sound of the sprinklers and giggles of our babies. It was, quite possibly, the very first time I felt utterly relaxed and not stressed and pressed to do something in such a loooooong time. It was awesome. :) Sunday was a great, great relaxing day.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. The black and white picture of Molly sleeping in your arms is one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen, anywhere. So much of your life is captured within these four corners. Did Sam take it? Whoever it was I'm glad they did.

    Sorry to hear about your migraine. Man, I can't begin to imagine how incapacitating they must be. It sounds like it was a good time overall though.

  2. What a fun party!! I'm in the midst of planning a joint party for my two boys (Calvin turns 3 at the end of August and Ethan turns 1 in the beginning of September) and a water balloon fight would be the perfect summertime activity!! I'm totally stealing that idea! I love all the pictures, especially the black and white one of you and Molly, so sweet :)

  3. Sam took that photo. I love it too, thank you. :) Yeah....the migraine sucked. :( Just have to roll with the punches. The day was spectacular none the less!

    YEAH!! Make sure to do the water balloon fight! Super cheap fun. The kids couldn't wait to get their sticky fingers on them and it was my favorite part of the party too. :)Have fun party planning! I'm thankful it's all over with now, lol. But now I get to think of something fun to do for my b-day coming up! :) Thank you!

  4. wow looks like a super busy day, but worth it :)

  5. Told you everything would work out great! Looks like a super duper party!

  6. It was super duper! :) Everything went swell.


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