Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello Weekend!

This evening when Sam gets home from work we are heading to his Godmother's place near Seattle for the weekend. Whoop! Thank goodness. I think everyone in this Hauck household needs a mini vaca and break from the stresses that have been cramping our style the past few weeks.

The weather is suppose to be awesome and I'm so excited about going, I've had our bags packed since Monday. :)

I'm hoping to hit up the camera store in their area and buy the new lens I've saved up for, but if they don't have it there then I'll just do it online instead. I've got an appointment with a hair stylist in their area to have my hair trimmed and my highlights done as well! 

Our faithful friends and neighbors down the way, Tammy and Leonard, will be watching the dogs and horse for us (just an FYI, Tammy is healing well from her leg wound I told you all about that she got the day before Easter). I'm thankful for them. If they weren't willing to watch the animals for us then we wouldn't be going.

So here's to stuffing our bellies with tasty eats and treats. Hot tubin' and swimmin'. Kicking back and relaxing by the fire. Endless Hammacher Schlemmer (or Hammer Slammer as we like to call it) magazines to flip through. Old movies on the tv. Beef sticks and Mikes Hard Lemonade. Hair appointment and potential new lens. The inevitable trip to DQ. Sunshine, smiles, and happy children. :)
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!!

With love,
Mama hauck

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  1. Sounds awesome Becca, hope y'all have a great time!


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