Monday, June 13, 2011

I Make A Cute Cowgirl

Friday Sam and I, along with the kiddos, headed over to my gal pal Mariah's house to help her and her family move. Another friend, Tim, showed up to help as well as a couple I didn't know, April and Joe. Super glad I met them! Hilarious couple. What wound up happening was the guys moved everything while the gals drank and watched the kiddos, lol. Too much heavy lifting for us to be of much help in that sense. After it got dark, we all headed on over to Tim's place to hang out and chum it up for a bit. It was a good night.....I got to see my gal pal, meet a new one, and show off my new hair. :)

Saturday was a loooooong day, but so incredibly gorgeous out! There was much on our to-do list that needed to get done. I spent the morning doing all the boring inside house cleaning stuff like laundry and sweeping and vacuuming dog hair out of my carpet. Bleh, not fun. Soon enough though we had reinforcements come to help tackle our out side to-do list.  Our friend Tim and our neighbor Leonard showed up to help Sam make a flat surface for our pool. We got that sucker filled up and looking good!!.....only to discover Sunday morning that there has to be a hole somewhere cause we have a mud puddle and a slowly diminishing pool. *sigh* We'll have to drain it all and see if we can find the hole. Ugh. In any case, it was nice to have the pool up and looking good for at least Saturday! I put on my bathing suit and sat poolside for a little bit while Anthony played with a water gun and Mols took a nap. The kids' b-day trampoline was also assembled! Sam and Tim spent an hour or so putting it together and you better believe I jumped on that sucker!! The kids just love it and I love jumping on it with them. :) Definitely a good buy and well worth spending my lens money on that instead. Work was also done on the lean-to. It might not look like much, but it's taken a lot of time to get those 4 holes dug and the corner posts cement foundation tubes done. We have bedrock not too far down and it took a lot of effort to dig the holes. Glad I wasn't the one doing it! The guys looked like they were suffering in the heat big time. Next step is making the frame. The day ended with drinks, dinner, and a headache for me. Too much sun for me that day! I had to head to bed early and bail on watching a movie cause I was so pooped out with a sun burn and pounding head.

Sunday morning Sam and I cleaned out our camper. Saturday we set a bug bomb off in there so it was time to clean up all the dead buggies! I must have done 5 loads of laundry just washing the sheets and pillow cases and blankets that were in there. Good to have that sucker all cleaned and ready to go for any guests that might visit and hang with us this summer. :) After that we all loaded up in the car to head to a b-day party! April and Joe, the couple we met on Friday, invited us to their twin boy's 1 year b-day party. Tim and Mariah and her family were there as well. April's boys were so stinkin' cute and she had the place decorated in a ranch/cowboy theme that was just awesome! Everyone got to wear and take home a bandanna. The kids got little squirt guns and it was hilarious watching Anthony and Molly run around with all the other kids squirting  each other. Well, ok, Molly couldn't actually squirt hers....she just pointed it and expected water to come out, haha! The company was good, the food was delicious and the weekend in general was pretty dang swell!!

Not many photos, I'm sorry! And no photos of the kiddos looking all cute. I took a break from the camera, bad Mama! But trust me, Molly looked soooo sweet in her pigtails and purple bandanna. Everyone loves her and thinks she's a doll no matter where we go. Oh, and don't laugh at my sunburn, lol.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. You're a country girl!!!
    Lots of projects you're workin on. Love the trampoline!!

  2. Lol Yeah! Always freaken busy with something. Come jump on it with me!!!


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