Friday, June 10, 2011

Good News, Bad News, New News, Old News.

Good news: We have all the money needed for the lumber for our lean-to and all that lumber is being delivered.

Bad news: I didn't buy my lens.

New news: Letting the dogs take care of themselves and lick their wounds instead of taking them to the vet like I've heard from all these county folk and have been preaching the past couple days? Yeah.....nope.

Old news: Chocolate, wine, and Jack Johnson keep me sane. But you already knew that.

Let me explain.....

I was all set to buy my lens.....but then the all giving, never selfish Mama in me kicked in. I wanted to buy the kids a trampoline for their birthday. It's just something I've been really wanting to get them. The one I found was perfect. Not too expensive, perfect reviews, free shipping. Ehhh, the fine print was a little too fine. The free shipping was only up to a $20 value. Stupid. *sigh* So in order to get them the trampoline, I had to dip into my lens money to cover the shipping. :( (And no, there are no places around me where we could have gone to to get a decent trampoline, so ordering online was the only option.) So then I didn't have enough to get the lens. No big deal. Just start re-saving the last bit I need again. Super cool though that I ordered the trampoline on Tuesday and it showed up yesterday! Talk about incredibly fast shipping!! 

After making that decision, Sam and I were then talking and discussed not having enough money to buy all the wood needed for our lean-to. We talked about putting it off for a month or so until we scrapped together the money, but we already have everything all marked and ready to go and I don't want to look out there and see it all ready to go and no money to finish it and blablabla. Call me impatient.....I wouldn't argue. Plus I really want Nik closer ASAP to make things better for both him and us. And so the rest of my lens money is now a pile of lumber being delivered in our field as I type this.

So bad news, no new lens for Mama. I'm starting my lens saving from scratch. Good news, kids get their birthday trampoline and we can start the actual building of the lean-to once we get the concrete foundation tubes in the ground. :)

Moving on.

Freaken dogs. Last time the dogs got their collar tags stuck together and went at it we just let them lick their wounds and they were fine. This time we decided to do the same. It's $45 just to bring them to the vet, not even talking having them be seen and all the added crap that comes with that. And what's the point in taking them in when the vet will just say maybe rinse the wound out and let the dog lick themselves to healing cause dog saliva has stuff in it that's good for that type of thing? So we agreed the dogs would be fine and live. The other day though I started to smell.....a smelly smell.....an awful smell......an I think I'm going to gag smell. And Marian has been doing this weird head shake annoyed with her ear type of thing. Ugh. Ear infection. So in goes the dog later today at 4 to the vet as he suggested when we called. But Amber he said should be fine just continuing to lick her wounds. Though she has one she can't quite reach and Sam said that's getting a little funky too so we might bring her in now as well.  No more collars for them!!! Freaken dogs.

New news, dogs to the vet. Wound licking doesn't work when you can't lick inside your ear. (That would be impressive).

Old news, I use chocolate and wine to cope. Rebel, I know.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Chocolate and wine are my go to coping mechanisms as well, lol

  2. I bet the kids love their trampoline. Ever the selfless mother. :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the lean-to. You had said it'll be enclosed on three sides, what happens in the winter?

    Sorry to hear about the dogs but I'm glad in the end they're okay. I think I licked the inside of me ear once. I was really drunk at the time so maybe it didn't actually happen.

  3. Man, that sucks but I know what it feels like to put aside your own needs/wants for the better of the family. However that said, you'll be able to save up fast, and it will feel so good because you already do so much for your family.

    Sorry about your friend. I hope it's ok with her? I hope it's nothing too terrible. I hope it's not someone treating her terrible/horrible.

    Sorry to hear about the dogs too.

    I wish I say I love wine and cho too, but sadly I can't have wine because of the sulfates and all of my allergies. I'm actually trying to loose weight now again, so this summer I wont be having ANY ALCOHOL at all!!!! Wish me luck!!! It's going to be hard, but they are some tough calories to take off.

    I can't wait to see Nik's new house! & pictures of the kids on the trampoline!

  4. Lorilynne, SO glad we are on the same page. :)

    Barry, they do love the trampoline. Only had it up for a few days and I already have to bribe them to get off! The lean-to only needs the 3 sides. None of the horses out here are enclosed during the winter months....they adjust quite well to changing weather. Nik will be just fine with his lean-to and winter coat. I'd pay to see someone lick their own ear.

    Lori, Oh my goodness, no alcohol!? I wish you MUCH LUCK cause I couldn't do it! lol Bummer about the wine. I was never in to wine until last September, so it's been fun for me to try all the different kinds. Dogs are doing ok....took the one to the vet and got her some antibiotics for her ear and pain meds. Got some boo-boo cream for the other and all is well in doggie world again....$200 later. :( My gal pal is ok.....she and her family moved into a new place (rent to own type of situation) recently and not even a week after that the house was sold out from under them by the woman who owned it. Really shady and crappy situation! They found a new place quickly though, thank goodness, and we helped them move again this past Friday evening. All is well again. :)


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