Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Party

Yesterday we went to a friend's Father's Day party and it rocked! In the morning Sam had a friend stop by to do some work in our shop. While they were doing that, the kids played in the yard and I sat out with Nik while he grazed in the field and just kept him company and sang him songs. It's good to get that bonding time in. I <3 my horsey. I also rode him for the first time since moving him to our place! Over the past week or so we've been doing some groundwork with him and decided it was time to mount up. I had the neighbor come over and help me fit my new bridle to him and double check our saddle cinching skills. My ride was short because we were short on time to get ready for the Father's Day party, but it was great all the same.

The party was awesome! It was at our friend's parent's place way out yonder surrounded by fields and lush green trees. Such a beautiful, well kept place! The food was delicious and sangria even tastier. We stuffed our bellies with fish, burgers, pasta and green salads, artichoke dip and bread, fruits (my favorite were the chocolate covered strawberries) and an array of desserts. My gal pal Mariah and her siblings got up and played music for a while. They were great! I'm excited to have them play at the kids' b-day party THIS COMING SATURDAY! Then there was a little show of swing dancing.....definitely made me want to get into something like that. How fun! Anthony and Molly ran around playing with all the other kids having a grand 'ol time. At one point they went and roasted marshmallows to make smores and Anthony even brought me one. :) Sweet boy. It was great to be amongst friends chumming it up and laughing,  sprawl ourselves on blankets in the grass listening to great music, and watch the kids enjoy their time with other kiddos. After spending a good 4 hours there, we made the 2 hour trek home and happily fell into our beds.  

With love,
Mama Hauck