Friday, May 20, 2011

Tutus, Pearls, and Butterfly Wings

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Kara, a sweet little gal I've taken photos of in the past. Kara turns one on May 25th, so these were taken in celebration of her upcoming birthday! As soon as I was done shooting, I ran inside to start working on the photos, haha, that's the only reason I have them done and ready to show you so soon! This shoot went smoothly for me. They came out to my place at 10:30, the weather was warm and gorgeous, my own children were well behaved playing in the yard, Kara was a little doll in the tutus and other accessories.....things seemed much easier and more relaxed compared to my last shoot, lol. 

Hope ya'll like the photos as much as I do! I absolutely love how they turned out! 


With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Will we ever again remember the days when everything around us was new, when all we knew of were colours and sounds and tastes. And we first realized that falling down hurt, puppies were soft and the comfort of a mother's hug was the safest feeling in the world, the only feeling we needed. The arms of one who wrapped herself around us and was the armour against a threatening world of which we were blissfully unaware. The days when Santa was real, skies were forever blue and we all lived happily ever after, for what else was there?

    I'm powerfully affected by these photos Becca. They're not just pictures of a little girl, they're reminders of innocence lost. Yet a joyful celebration of a beautiful, perfect soul who has her whole life ahead of her. Discovering wonder with every step.

    Oh to go back again.


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