Thursday, May 26, 2011


*I told you my kitties caught their first mouse and left in on the front porch steps the other day. I forgot to mention that Charlie caught a hummingbird too. How, you ask, could a cat catch a hummingbird!? I think it got stuck in our porch netting and then Charlie got it. I was less than happy about that.

*I've selling my fish tank. I love it and all, but I don't want to take the time anymore to clean and care for it. I've got enough on my plate as it is with the kids and horse and all. Besides, I could use the $150 I'm asking for it. It's a package deal....65 gallon tank, wood cover, wood base, fish, rocks, plants, filter, heater, cleaning hose, etc. etc. I've had a couple bites at it and think one guy is pretty set on buying it. I'm waiting for him to let me know if Saturday works for him as a pick up day.

*I'm saving up for a new lens. I've only got to save up $100 more in order to buy it. I think it will help me with my photo shoots since its a 18-270mm and will allow me to be more versatile without having to stop and change lenses like I have to now. I hope to have it before I do any more major photo shoots. If I sell this fish tank then there's the rest of my money right there!

*I need a hair trim. I'm also thinking about getting my highlights put back in. What do ya'll think? In the past I've done it come spring time and then either let it just fade out or dye my hair darker to cover the highlights and outgrown roots. Hmmmm, decisions decisions.

*The kids will be getting a trampoline complete with safety net for their birthday gift from Sam and I. I've been slowly saving up for that as well and have the amount needed to get the one we want. Now to find the time to either go out and buy it or order it online. I can't wait to get it and set it up and see their faces! I also can't wait to play on it. I will for sure be out there flying in the air and doing somersaults and other awesome jumpy things like that.

*My new swimsuit finally came in the mail. I got it from Old Navy and I love it! But.....I ruined it. It had these ruffles on the top that I didn't like and some people who reviewed it online said it was a cinch to just cut the ruffles off, or at least the bottom one to make it look better. Well I cut the ruffle off....the wrong one. *sigh*  Figures. Now it's all jacked up looking and will not be seen in public.  The bottom is perfect though, so I'll just order a new top. I went ahead and ordered a 2nd swimsuit too cause it was only $10. So fingers crossed I don't somehow mess my new one up, lol. 

Happy Thursday! 

With love,
Mama hauck


  1. I want a trampoline for our yard so bad! I've wanted one ever since I was a kid and we have this nice huge yard just perfect for a giant trampoline. I think it may be the kids' big Christmas present this year so I should probably start saving now.
    I do that with clothes all the time, thinking I can alter them just a tad and then completely end up screwing them up. But I still keep doing it! I think I need to just get rid of all my scissors.

  2. Awesome about the kids bday gift! Joshua wants one so bad. We have the room, I've just been too afraid to get one, and they are kinda spendy.

    I got my hair cut today. I went from all one lenght to layers, and long side bangs. About 8" gone. I love it though, I feel 10lbs lighter! You should put the highlights back in for summer, I really like your hair lighter!

    Can't wait to see the new swim suit! I gained all of my weight back, when I got sick in March. all 40lbs, so now I'm back to starting over again. It's going to be a long summer of workingouts and walks, and less beer to get my weight off again!

    Good luck on your savings! Let me know if your fish tank sells, good luck! it was so pretty in your livingroom, will you miss it?

  3. Lorilynne, I always wanted a trampoline too. :) I'm super stoked to be able to finally afford one for the kids and get to play on it as well, haha. Good idea....start saving now! The one we're getting isn't super expensive, but it's not cheap either. The only reason we can fit it into our budget is because I've been saving for months and months! I'm with you on the throwing out scissors thing. Jeesh, I THOUGHT I was pretty dang handy in that sense....I guess not. :)

    Lori, I'm definitely getting one that has a net on it for safety reasons. And the one we're getting isn't too incredibly expensive. It's a pretty decent price and its gotten nothing but good reviews too, so that's a win-win in my book! I bet your hair looks awesome! 8" is a lot to cut off!! It does feel freeing when you get a cut like that. Bummer about gaining the weight back, but it's good for you to not loose your motivation. I've always enjoyed going for walks, especially in the warmer months when the weather is so nice! I will miss how pretty the fish tank looks in the living room, but I really just don't have the time to clean it and keep it up anymore. I'd much rather have the money to help put towards the new lens I really want!

  4. What lens are you getting?

    As far as your hair, highlights sound good. I think you look much better with lighter hair (as it is now or lighter) than darker. It's a softer look and really seems to suit you.

  5. I want a trampoline! The kids will never have to leave the yard lol! THey have a horse and tons of stuff to do :).
    I was contemplating highlights too. I just don't have the money to get it done at a salon and i mess it up when i do it myself lol. I think you look good with it done.
    Bathing suits are so hard to find! I just got a red one at JCP's that i'm self-conscious to wear because it's not my usual boyshort bottoms lol.

  6. This is the lens.....


    Once I get the money saved up, think I'll be getting the highlights. :)

    I got a bikini bottom instead of boyshort bottoms too this year. Yikes!!


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