Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buckin' Bronco

I got bucked off my horsey and I'm a hurting unit. 


I think Nik was testing his boundaries and we were out in the field and he got a little too frisky. Ugh. Not the first time I've fallen off a horse and certainly wont be the last. And yes, I did get back on. Sam came bolting over fearing the worst, and I just told him to hold the reins so I could get back on, haha.

I've got rope burn on my right hand that's making it feel like it's on fire, a swollen left inner thigh that I know will be a killer bruise, and a sore....everything else. I didn't realize how bad I was hurting until all my adrenaline wore off and I was back at home. I know I'll probably be worse tomorrow. Don't fret too much. I'm OK!! :)

Anyway, crap happens.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. OUCH!!! I'm glad you're ok! This is why I've never been on a horse...my worst fear!

  2. Ouchy!!!!! I'm glad you are not hurt! That soun ds scary!

  3. Yeah, OUCH! I'm in a lot of pain....every muscle in my body hurts. Yesterday was worse than Wednesday and today is worse than yesterday. Ugh. I got jarred pretty dang good. But could have been far worse.


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