Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Plan B

Last Friday we had a feud argument disagreement with the gal who lives behind us and is co-owner of the barn we are keeping Nik in. Way to kick off the weekend, right? I wont go into details because I simply refuse to spend one minute more fretting over it causing me stress that makes me want to rip my hair out. However, the end result is that as soon as we have the money and time, we are out of that barn and will be building a lean-to for Nik closer to our house. Not the barn we were hoping to save up for and build, which sucks, but this will due. It'll have to. I really want Nik closer to the house anyway to combat his loneliness and boredom. He's taking to chewing wood (a common bad habit for horses to pick up out of boredom) which can be hazardous because of the potential for splinters in his mouth. Once we move him closer, he'll be able to see us and us him and it'll just be better and more convenient all around. I don't mind the trek across our 5 acres to get to him, but if I can have him right outside my door, all the better. :) It's just unfortunate and annoying to be blindsided by silly issues just when you think things are perfect and all honky-dory. We worked hard to get Nik over here. Now we'll have to work even harder to move him again. Though, as I said, it'll all be better in the long run.

Sometimes it pays to take the higher road and just keep chugging along. Or was it sometimes our wallets pay to take the higher road?

Anyway......plan B. Roll with the punches. Ditch barn, build lean-to, carry on and SMILE.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. WTF???????? The land has been surveyed right? It's on your land right? What is her problem? Sometimes I think people are so unhappy in their own little lives, when they see someone else doing good, having fun, trying to live a better life they find a reason to make it miserable for them!!! You guys worked so hard and spent that time and money, and energy. I hope she has a good/legal reason for doing this. Sorry...I'm a little nippy today. Got my blood boiling. I'll have to go into more detail about my situation later, but let's just say people suck sometimes!! Don't they?

  2. Sorry, I'd also like to add I wish the mice would just go away!! Lol....They are out in full-force this spring at my house.

  3. Love the title! I miss english class. I don't read enough anymore :/ Have u read any good books lately?
    Sorry about the horsey troubles!

  4. I've never met you and Sam. But after all this time I feel I have enough sense of both of you to believe you wouldn't be difficult to get along with. It just sucks that there has to be so much drama from other people sometimes.

    Ultimately all this is for the horses and their needs should be put first. Sounds like you're keeping the end of that deal, I wonder about her.

  5. Lori, half the barn is on ours, the other half is on hers. So we became co-owners. And everything was fine we thought, but I guess little things were bugging her (like.....we casually asked her her thoughts about a goat to keep Nik company and she went off on us saying our agreement was for Nik to be there temporarily, not to start a zoo....true, that was our agreement, but we own half the barn and if we want to get a goat then we can....Ugh) and she never said anything to us at first so she stewed on the stupid little things and then exploded on us on Friday. We don't have to leave the barn, we have just as much right to it as she does, but for the sake of playing nice and not making enemies with our neighbor, we will be out of there as soon as we can. It'll all be better for us in the long run anyway, that's why we just decided to roll with the punches and not stir the pot. No problems with mice for us so far. Thank goodness!!!

    People do suck sometimes, I won't argue with that. :)

    Jill, I have no time to read anything other than people's blog posts! haha

    Barry, we are definitely not difficult to get along with. I mean, have you seen my face? Do I look like someone who wants to make someone's life miserable? lol No. Yes, it does suck. We'll make due.


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