Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Family Photos

Here are a few of the photos we took on Easter! :) 

Just an update......Tammy was able to come home from the hospital yesterday. She was incredibly worn out and in pain, but in good spirits. She's got a long recovery in front of her, so no horsey fun for her, she's bummed about that. We told her we'd give her horses a little attention whenever we go to see Nik.

Speaking of Nik, I ordered him a new halter, lead, and brush box for me. All in red. :) He looks so handsome with his new halter! And I love having a cute tote to carry all my brushes and stuff in. We went over yesterday to try out his new halter and ride for a bit. We also payed Tammy a visit to say hello.

We're getting SO CLOSE to having Nik over at our place!!!! Closer than I thought. :) We found a place where we are going to buy metal fence paneling. The heavy duty kind you can move wherever you want. On May 9th we are having the surveyor come to mark our property corners for us.....seeing as everyone around here doesn't know exactly where their property corners are. We can't do anything until we have that information. After that's done, our neighbor who owns the place behind us (but doesn't live there) is going to let us use the small barn at the edge of our property (and after the survey, we might find it's ours....who knows) as a temporary home for Nik until we eventually build our own bigger barn. We'll be able to do all our fencing then. It will be awesome to step out my front door and know Nik is here.....even if he's a long walk across my whole property, lol.

The kids and I are off to the library today and then back home for some outside play. I've also got to finish up some stuff concerning my photo shoot so I can stop stressing about it.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Great pics as usual :) The kids get cuter every day. I like your springy outfit!

  2. Thanks! And I know it.....every where I go someone is commenting on how sweet Molly is. :)

  3. Great shots! Fuzzy or not! Too cute!

    Glad to hear about your neighbor being back home.

    Awesome about Nik too. I love horses, but have always been too afraid to ride. They are fun to feed and brush though. Feed him lots of carrots and apples for treats!! Our neighbor down the road has donkey's they are so funny. WE feed them "monkey treats" it's some kind of biscuit thing, they make tons of noise and kick their back leges, it's too funny and cute.

  4. I love how Anthony is holding onto Molly, like that brotherly sister kind of love, cute!! And I just love his hair!!

    Loving the pink and the tattoo's. Hotness!

    Great pics :) Your family is precious!

  5. Thank ya! :) Yes,they sure can be sweet on each other sometimes.

    Monkey treats, lol, never heard of those!


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