Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sick Cuddles For Mama

My kiddos are sick. :( Anthony had a rough day Friday and is over the worst, but still isn't completely back up to speed. He's got a bit of a couch and seems a tad grumpy. And Molly.....oh boy. That poor little gal! She seemed all bright and chipper yesterday morning, but come lunch time she was looking ill and fell asleep in her chair at the table before finishing her mac and cheese, lol.

I gave her some tylenol to bring down her fever and the poor thing tossed and turned on the couch feeling all yucky trying to take a nap. You know when you just feel so much like crap and nothing makes you feel better and you're just writhing around in your misery? Yeah, that was Mols. At one point she woke up startled, looked over at me, stretched her little arms out and clamored over the couch to get to me. Sweet baby. We snuggled for an hour. By the time her Papa came home she was feeling a bit better, but her fever returned later that night and she fell asleep on my lap at 8. I made Sam take a few photos because Molly's never been a huge cuddle bug.....so I cherish these moments. 

This morning she came running to my bed and was pointing at her nose. Instead of gallons of snot dripping down her face, her nose is all stuffed up and she's getting pissed because she can't breathe. lol  She's coughing now too. At least the fever is gone, I hope it stays that way. Though I don't mind the cuddles. :) Thinking we might have to skip the library tomorrow. Boo.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. ahhh they were just sick not that long ago!

  2. Aww poor girl! Hope your babies get better fast! :(

  3. I know it. Thanks, me too. We have plans to go to a home and garden show this weekend. I need my kids well!


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