Monday, April 18, 2011


The weather is getting nicer and I'm getting horse fever. Yesterday we headed over to see Nik again. This time I brought my camera and instructed Sam to play photographer. So the photos you see are his.....pretty good, eh? I wish we were set up to have him over at my place already. I can't wait. It's fun working with him and getting to know his personality more. Nik is a very responsive, yet spunky guy. Not to mention handsome. :)

Overall the weekend was a good one. I'm currently sick and have been since Friday, sucks, but I've got my dayquil and tissues so I'm doing ok. Molly still has a bit of a snot nose, but other than that she's back to her chipper self. Anthony got a much needed haircut from his Papa. Now his mohawk looks freaken awesome. Saturday we went to the home and garden show being held at the fairgrounds in our town. It was a definite let down. :( I think it was hyped up too much on the radio. I was expecting far more than the 20 or so booths they had there. Maybe it was better on Sunday? I did get two cute metal birds, one blue and one yellow, to put on Molly's shelves as decoration. We also went grocery shopping and picked up a few things at Home Depot to do a couple projects. I'll post some photos soon. At least the sun was out and the weather was decent. I'm hoping it holds up this week and into the weekend because I have that photo shoot next Saturday!

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Sam did a good job on the pics. I really Nik's color. Is it more of a gray/white or black/white spotting/speckel? It's very cool.

  2. Ok....maybe I'm color blind, he's brown/tan & white right?

  3. Great photos Bec, what a gorgeous horse. Did I mention I love horses? Only a bazillion times.

    You shouldn't have changed his name from Nic to Nik though, now he might not recognize his name when you call him. Bwahahaha!!!!

    (I kill me).

  4. Lori, Nik's coat is grayish/white. But in warmer weather he gets all these little brown spots all over his body. He's called a "flea bitten gray" So the brown you're seeing is TONS of little spots. :) It's cool how he goes from gray/white in the winter months to a stunning spotted horse in summer!

    Barry, thanks!! lol


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