Thursday, March 31, 2011

Upcoming Weekend Events!

Sam comes home late tonight from his work training in TX. Tomorrow morning bright and early we are off to Whidbey Island (my old town) to hit up our old tattoo artist (yes, I'm getting another) and then spend the weekend at our friend's house and celebrate his homecoming. He's been out on the boat for 7 months and finally made his way back to his wife and kids. There's going to be a huge party for him on Saturday. Should be a good time.....though you know how I feel about going back to The Island. I love it there and it makes me so sad to go back and see my old house and all the familiar surroundings I wish I still was among.

This is the general jist of what I'm going to get on my back under my quote. A Japanese maple tree with it's flaming red leaves. I love beautiful, strong standing trees and their deep roots and the symbolism of it all. Plus, I love the color red and Autumn. It's going to be beautiful. And painful.

The kids come home to me on Tuesday. My mom and sister will be driving them home and stay with us for a few days. I'm ready to have them home and see their smiling faces!

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Have a wonderful weekend with your friends! & Happy Home-coming to him! I've been trying to decide which picture to purchase for my friend Miranda's birthday in May. I LOVE the one I've tagged with the bird and the beach, but that's more my style, I'm thinking a flower for her. Her favorit color is Yello and her favorite flower is a Daisy, so I'm trying to decide on a good one!

    Let me know when the box comes for the kids, and please take some pics, I want to see them dive into it!!!


    I got a lot of feedback from the email I sent out too! People love your stuff!

  2. Whidbey, baby!!!! Bring plenty of hankies fur shure. Did you ever post a photo of your old home? If not I'd love to see it.

    Now this is some ink I gotta see Bec. I connect with the symbolism of deep roots, as you've seen in the past. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Never posted a photo of my old home. I have one though....just have to find it on the external. Or maybe I had it in an album.....so I have to scan it onto the computer.


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