Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Professional Photo Shoot

This past Monday I did my first professional photo shoot....as in, I will be getting payed for my work! It was an engagement photo shoot for a friend's mother in law. The shoot its self went very well, though I was extremely nervous about it. The couple was very cooperative and super easy to work with and I found my nerves quickly diminished. I took the kids along with me (something I hope to not have to do in the future) and they behaved very well! I was one happy Mama. :) The shoot was originally scheduled for the previous Thursday, but we got rained out so had to reschedule for this past Monday. It was sunny for only a brief amount of time, but the photos turned out great regardless of the overcast weather and lack of sun. The shoot was done at our local winery, Maryhill Winery. I was hoping to get some shots in front of the large, beautiful building there, but there was construction going on so we had to be content with getting other shots. I hope to show you some photos soon! 

I currently just finished editing and making up a proof book of 30 photos I am to give my client. I also wrote up a summery of my services and explanation of my copyright terms. Not surprisingly, there are no professional print shops around me so I went online and found an awesome site I will use where I will be making prints of the photos they choose and adding those print fees onto my photography service charge. Do I sound professional yet? Good. I'm trying.

I'm super stoked I did this and hope to do more in the future. I'm going to be making up some business cards here shortly and see where things lead me. I hope to grow more confident in my skills and comfortable with the process in general. Right now I'm learning the way things go and crossing my fingers all goes well and they love the photos! 

Wish me luck!!

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Great Job! Are we able to view they photo's or are they "private" because they were paid for? Eiher way I'm sure they are great and congrats! I'm very happy & proud for you!

  2. Thanks! :) I will be posting some photos sometime next week....like Tuesday or Wednesday. I wanted them to get their photo proof book first and that was given to them today. Only fair they get to view their own photos first before anyone else! But I am excited to show a few off!


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